25 Would You Rather Questions for Tech Lovers

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Would you rather questions may be hard to set for tech lovers because they have a strong preference for tech gadgets?

But we can give a little spice to make your tech “would you rather questions” more interesting and entertaining.

So would you rather look at our 25 “would you rather questions” or would you rather stick around like other tech lovers?

Would you rather;

  1. Eat the Apple or have other personal computers?
  2. Have free but slow Internet access for life or pay three times your present expenses?
  3. Have a biochip implanted so you could have discounts on transactions or volunteer to take a trialed vaccine?
  4. Use the command line to operate your computer or code with Assembly Language?
  5. Go to the moon or become a sea diver?
  6. Would you rather use either Twitter only or WhatsApp only for the rest of your life?
  7. Use Windows 7 Operating System or Give up your Smartphone?
  8. Have to be analog-only or enjoy strictly digital tech without? Example writing with pen and paper only instead of typing with a computer.
  9. Would you rather burn all your books or Buy an eBook reader?
  10. Would you rather have robotic police or robotic government leader in your state?
  11. Not have the undo command or not have autosave?
  12. Give up video chats or give up TV for life?
  13. Make any game of your choice for free or get any tech gadget of your choice?
  14. Have your sports team win a major championship or you win a PlayStation competition?
  15. Have a lifetime iTune subscription of free App Store subscription?
  16. Quit your favorite social media app or quit gaming?
  17. Watch free animated films and TV for life or have access to only open source and free software?
  18.  Give up the Internet for life or end all the diseases in the world?
  19. Have a robot trained for a day to perform a surgery on you or let a 15-year-old life science student, trained for two weeks to carry out the same procedure?
  20. You have a lifeline in a “who wants to be a millionaire game show”, would you rather phone a friend or call a robot?
  21. Have automobile technology only or digital technology only.
  22. Buy a cryptocurrency for saving or buy gold and other precious metals and keep?
  23. Have a personal computer without a mobile phone or vice versa?
  24. Would you rather watch your dreams on TV or listen to any music of your choice straight from your head?

I found this one from lifehacks.io again and my friends would rather watch their dreams on a screen. It just makes you think about future tech right?

  • Do away with adverts on the internet and allow no search engine meddling or post-pay for all content you access online?

That’s it. I hope you like most of the “would you rather questions” for tech lovers listed here?

Thank you for staying until the end.

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