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Ensuring Integrity of Proprietary and Derived Market Information

Do you worry about the validity and integrity of the data you contribute either to benchmarks like Libor or indexes, or to markets like the exchange-like Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs)? Or about...
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Getting a Grip on Benchmark Contributions

A discussion of the issues surrounding bank-contributed market information for benchmarks and indexes.
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An Architecture For Intelligent Trading - Leveraging Big Data in Motion for Increased Profits

Trading firms are moving on from an obsessive focus on latency reduction to a ‘new normal’ of applying intelligence to high performance trading, to ensure that they are executing the best – most...
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Managed Market Information/Access Platforms

Faced with fundamental shifts in the dynamics of the major capital markets, trading firms are looking to maintain low latency and increase agility, while reducing complexity and cost – especially...
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Harrington Starr's 2013 Financial Services Technology Sector Salary Survey

In its second year this comprehensive London salary survey covers 2,966 separate salary bands ranging from entry level to senior appointments in the financial services and commodities technology...
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Dell Processor Acceleration Technology Industry Briefing

In the world of the financial markets, securing an edge over the competition can mean life or death for a trading firm. Whether it is acting on news alerts or price movements, determining the best...
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Big Data in Trading and Risk Management

This industry briefing - sponsored by SAP - provides insight and analysis on how financial markets firms see Big Data approaches and technologies being leveraged for trading and risk applications.
Special Report

Viewpoints on Latency - Thought Leadership at The Cutting Edge of Electronic Trading - November 2012

Viewpoints on Latency is a regular collection of news, thought leadership and opinion from the Low-Latency.com community.
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Lightweight Internet Protocol Stack

Free white paper, authored by GE Intelligent Platforms IP traffic is increasing globally at a breath-taking place. In order to support the demand of high performance IP packet processing particularly...
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Delivering Sub-Microsecond Accurate Time to Linux Applications Around the World

Free white paper, authored by Symmetricom Trading applications at market participants require access to precise timing information - the same precise timing information - in order to transact...