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New Intel 5300 Chip Bolsters Low-Latency Data Delivery

From A-Team Group’s Market Data Insight, December 2006: Benchmarking tests suggest that the new quad-core Intel Xeon processing 5300 series chips launched by the vendor in considerable style at the...
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BT Radianz To Expand New York Area Data Center to Meet Industry Demand for Low Latency Trading

BT Radianz plans to expand its New York Area data center. The multi-million dollar enhancement will increase capacity by 150 per cent for Radianz's Proximity Solution, which facilitates advanced...
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Stac Benchmarks Reuters RMDS on InfiniBand

Securities Technology Analysis Center (Stac) has released its first study of Reuters RMDS on a system using InfiniBand networking. In the benchmarks, the Voltaire InfiniBand solution reduced latency...