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Arista Unveils Application Switch

Arista Networks, announced today the first Arista Application Switch, the 7124FX. This advanced technology enables applications to run natively in the network, improving performance of business critical and latency sensitive applications, increasing profitability, simplifying deployments, and boosting competitive advantage.

Arista’s approach to Application Switching is based on innovative, new, technology that moves beyond traditional switching. With the Arista Application Switch customers have complete control over the application. Initial use cases for the switch include: equity trading systems, inline risk analysis, market data feed normalization, deep packet inspection, signals intelligence, and more.

“This is truly the first time a network switching system has enabled customers to run their business applications natively in the network. This changes the game for applications that are performance and latency sensitive, as well as allowing the most transparent insertion of the application into the data stream,” stated Andreas von Bechtolsheim, chairman and chief development officer at Arista. “This capability delivers an order-of-magnitude performance improvement while allowing each customer to gain unique advantage based on their own software running in the Arista Application Switch and integrated with Arista EOS.”

New Category of Application Switching
The Arista 7124FX Application Switch is the first in a category of data center class application switches that supports a full suite of protocols, through Arista EOS, that can be deployed in a complex and heterogeneous network. The Application Switch is coupled with a fully programmable 160 Gbps processing engine that lets customers integrate their own differentiating applications directly into the network to offer two to fivefold improvements in system latency.

The Application Switch is based on the award-winning Arista 7124SX, a proven ultra low-latency switching platform. This makes the switch ideal for any environment that benefits from transparent insertion into the network of a fully programmable data plane.

Collaborative Efforts with Key partners
Customers can easily integrate their custom applications into the Application Switch by working with Arista partners, embedded system developers Enyx and Impulse C. Arista partners delivering off-the-shelf applications in the financial services environment are: Novasparks, delivering a hardware market data solution and Exegy providing a ticker plant application.

Comprehensive Lifecycle Services and Support
To accelerate successful Application Switch deployments, Arista and its technology partners will provide a lifecycle portfolio of professional services that align customers' business and technical requirements through all six phases of the deployment lifecycle: prepare, plan, design, implement, operate and optimize, specifically designed for this new solution.

Evolving the Cloud Network
In 2008, Arista began articulating a 3 to 5-year vision for developing cloud networking by increasing network automation to create simple, profitable, and performing frameworks for networked communications. The first phase was about achieving the performance levels to support a highly virtualized, real-time cloud infrastructure. The second phase was enabling the automation and extensibility for customers and providers to integrate the network into their existing application frameworks and enable automated service deployments through Arista EOS. The third phase is the integration of specific components of the application back into the network to create competitive advantage and service-level differentiation with the Arista Application Switch.

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