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BittWare Announces the Availability of Half-length Altera Stratix V PCIe Board for OpenCL Applications

BittWare, the leader in Altera-based FPGA COTS boards, announced today the availability of the S5-PCIe-HQ (S5PH-Q), the latest addition to their S5 family of products. The S5-PCIe-HQ is a half-length PCIe Gen3 x8 card based on the high-bandwidth, power-efficient Altera Stratix V GX or GS FPGA. Altera will target the S5PH-Q as a platform for OpenCL development and demonstration.

"The flexible and versatile architecture of the S5PH-Q board coupled with Altera's OpenCL for FPGA solution will dramatically simplify FPGA development by enabling teams to design their systems and algorithms in a high-level C-based framework when targeting FPGAs," stated Ron Huizen, BittWare Vice President of Technology. "The combination gives developers the latest generation of high-performance FPGAs on a validated COTS board, while providing them the opportunity to significantly reduce their time-to-market by quickly and easily making use of OpenCL kernels to target Altera FPGAs."

S5-PCIe-HQ Overview

  • High density Altera Stratix V GX/GS devices supported include: A3 to AB and D4 to D8.
  • PCI Express Gen3 x8.
  • Two QSFP+ cages available on the front panel, each supporting 40GigE or four 10GigE channels, and connected directly to the Stratix V FPGA, thus removing the latency of external PHYs.
  • Memory includes up to 16 GBytes of DDR3 (two 64-bit banks) and up to 72 MBytes QDRII/II+ (four 18-bit banks).

Supported by BittWare's ATLANTiS FrameWork which provides seamless routing of all on-board data, I/O, and memory; and by BittWare's BittWorks software tools which include host interface libraries, a variety of diagnostic utilities & configuration tools, debug tools, and I/O drivers.

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