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BT Extends Managed Low Latency Services to Sao Paulo

BT today announced that it has added São Paulo to the list of cities in which it will be offering its BT Radianz Venue suite of managed network services for use both by local and international companies active in financial markets.

The addition of the Brazilian city will improve access to liquidity in the Latin America region, where over 450 institutions are already part of the BT Radianz Cloud, the world’s largest secure online financial services community. It also helps market participants in the region access financial centres, counterparties and clients internationally in a cost-effective manner.

BT Radianz Venue is a cloud-based suite of new services aimed at helping market participants address the challenges created by competing execution platforms and liquidity fragmentation across multiple asset classes. It provides optimized latency interconnectivity between and within data centres and across the world’s top financial centres.

Rik Turner, Senior Analyst, Financial Services Technology, Ovum, said: “The introduction of BT Radianz Venue should help firms expand their trading strategies globally and meet their more latency-intolerant needs. The extension of BT Radianz into Latin America will provide additional value to its customers by helping them connect to this fast growing market. BT Radianz is the market leader in financial extranets, and despite the entry of new players in recent years, it continues to maintain its position.”

Tom Regent, president, global banking & financial markets and sales & marketing, BT Global Services, said: “In 2011, BT announced a series of investments aimed at doubling its business in key Latin American countries. This includes plans to launch more than 30 new products and services. The addition of BT Radianz Venue is aligned to that effort and will contribute to the success of our customers who are expanding in the region.”

“Latin America’s financial markets have become increasingly attractive to domestic and global investors and demand to access the opportunities in the region has increased. BT Radianz Venue represents a significant development in the provision of hosting capabilities and lowest latency between trading venues and financial centres. We are pleased to be announcing the next stage of the development of the BT Radianz Cloud through our plans to extend the BT Radianz Venue offering into the Latin American markets.”

BT is currently rolling out a series of investments in key Latin American countries. By recruiting 250 new staff, increasing its professional services capabilities, opening new centres of excellence and implementing a wide range of network and customer service improvements, BT aims at improving its support to global customers investing in this region and at helping larger Latin American companies to expand globally.

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