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Cable&Wireless Worldwide Announces Roadmap for Ethernet Services in the Americas

In response to the growing demand for seamless, secure, resilient and high capacity connections across continents, Cable&Wireless Worldwide announces its roadmap to extend its portfolio of global Ethernet services for multinational enterprises and carrier customers based in the Americas.

The first Ethernet service to be launched by Cable&Wireless Worldwide will be the International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL). This service will deliver reliable, high-speed, point-to-point Ethernet connectivity and will be launched in October 2011. This service specifically supports the mission critical algorithmic trading needs of the world’s largest investment banks and financial institutions. The IEPL service offers extremely high-speed, predictable and secure Ethernet connections between global financial trading exchanges.

The company also announces plans to launch Ethernet Wireline (EWL) and Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN) services in the last quarter of 2011. These virtual private wire services run over the company’s global, highly available, packet-based MPLS network and deliver flexible connectivity options that allow customers to run critical bandwidth-hungry applications such as voice and video applications with optimised Quality of Service.

The company has also expanded its next-generation Multi-Service Platform (MSP) to the Americas. Already available in Asia Pacific, Europe, India, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom, the MSP now supports the delivery of multiple services over a single global network, which helps reduce costs for the customers. In addition, it provides the company with the flexibility to implement new services with minimal disruption and scale bandwidth across the network to deliver what customers need as their demand grows.

Andrew Morawski, Managing Director - Americas, Cable&Wireless Worldwide said, "We see many customers expanding into the burgeoning Asian and EMEA markets. The use of more bandwidth-hungry applications such as voice and video across their data networks is driving increased demand for Ethernet solutions as they are flexible, reliable and cost-effective. Ethernet has always been the backbone of local area networks; now customers can take advantage of Cable&Wireless Worldwide’s investments and in-country carrier relationships to connect their global sites, allowing them to easily align their communication networks to meet their specific business demands."

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