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Caplin Releases Free Edition of Liberator

Caplin Systems Ltd. has released Liberator Free Edition (Liberator FE), a high performance Ajax/Comet-based streaming server that delivers real-time data to and from subscribers over any network, and includes JavaScript client and Java server integration libraries.

Liberator FE is available as a free download and can be used for evaluation and non-commercial use. Caplin reckons Liberator FE is the only Comet implementation that can deliver over one million complex messages per second and support up to 30,000 concurrent users on a single server.

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Liberator has been benchmarked to 1 million messages per second (100 updates/sec to each of 10,000 clients). Messages are batched together, as you point out, for better performance. I'm not sure that JSON is more 'convenient' since with Liberator you would always be using a library to access the data.
If their website is an example, that's 30,000 total updates per second as updates are conflated to the second. Each update includes multiple instruments to get their 1 million figure, as such: 6c040003 2=BOA+TOKYO++++TOK 4=16:00 B=03+APR+2008 F=%2B102.12 G=%2B102.15 O=BOAQ++++++++ 6c050002 2=BARCLAYS+++++GFX 4=16:00 B=03+APR+2008 F=%2B1.9783 G=%2B1.9787 O=++++++++++++ 6c060001 2=JPM+CHASE++++GFX 4=16:00 B=03+APR+2008 F=%2B1.5555 G=%2B1.5557 O=JPML++++++++ 6c070003 2=SOC+GENERALE+PAR 4=16:00 B=03+APR+2008 F=%2B102.12 G=%2B102.15 O=SGSP++++++++ There's no compression, aside of transparent HTTP support, and the format is not as convenient as JSON fields that say are using: {"t":"DELL","p":"20.12","v":"22435104","c":"0.17","T":"4/3/2008 4:00:00 PM","n":"dell inc com","P":"0.85","f":"0"} If is an example they can do this through IIS without additional servers, bandwidth seems a minor issue as the regular content on one of their pages is 174 requests totalling 2.13MB (reported by Firebug).

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