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Colt Redefines Data Centre Deployment in Europe with Revolutionary Modular Data Centre Designs

Colt, Europe’s leading information delivery platform, today announced a new data centre deployment approach that provides customers with unparalleled flexibility in power density, size and Tier configurations. The new approach includes a range of Modular Data Centre design options which match users’ specific space, power and location needs.

Size and layout - Today at DataCentres Europe 2011, Colt built upon its award-winning modular data centre design with the introduction of new Modular Data Centre form factors of 125m2, 250m2 and 375m2 data halls or multiple combinations of each model. These new designs complement Colt’s existing 500m2 Modular Data Centre option.

The additional flexibility offered is in direct response to market demand. The units are unique as they can be manufactured for external deployment without the need for a separate shell to form their own building structure. Colt can supply this external version of the data centre to a customer’s site in exactly the same way as the current version from order to deployment in just four months. All variations of the new designs will be available from May 2011.

Improved power efficiency - In addition to the 1500W and 1625W per square metre standard products that are already on offer today, Colt is able to increase the power density of its Modular Data Centre to up to 3000W per square metre or reduce it to as low as 750W per square metre, depending on the customer requirements. These new power densities are available across all new modular designs.

Tier configurations - Colt now also provides the Tier levels 2, 3, 3+ or 4 throughout the entire range of Modular Data Centres and is working with the Uptime Institute to have the new designs independently certified.

“This increased choice in floor space and power provides customers with a data centre that fits into any building for any type of application,” explains Bernard Geoghegan, Executive Vice President of Colt Data Centre Services. “We have had tremendous interest from a number of customers across a variety of industries including financial services, retail and logistics, all looking for a customised, flexible, low risk solution that is not only efficient but quick to deploy.”

These new designs mean customers are not restricted to having all their technical space with the same power density or Tier configuration. The customer could, for example, have a 125m2, 3000W per square metre Modular Data Centre to support their Cloud, alongside a 375m2, 1500W per square metre hall for their conventional server and storage equipment.

“A Modular Data Centre is like a bespoke data centre but built in a far more effective way,” said Guy Ruddock, Vice President of Operations, Colt Data Centre Services. “We have been building Modular Data Centres for a few years and are including increased flexibility into all our designs. We have made hundreds of improvements since we originally launched our Modular Data Centre design. Each customer benefits from this knowledge gained from a relentless continuous improvement programme. They know exactly what they are getting four months after they’ve ordered it.”

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