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Coral8 Engine Release 5.3 Offers New Features to Broaden Development Capabilities for Capital Markets Applications

Coral8, a provider of complex event processing (CEP) software, has unveiled Coral8 Engine Release 5.3, featuring three new packaged adapters expanding the integration of Coral8-based CEP applications in capital markets environments – now including Kx Systems’ kdb+ database, Reuters Market Data System, and Microsoft Excel on the trader desktops.

The Coral8 Adapter for kdb+ database expedites integration with high-speed real-time tick data and large volumes of historical tick data managed by Kx Systems kdb+ database. The Adapter for Reuters Market Data System (RMDS) enables high-speed, out-of-the-box integration with Reuters market and trade data. Coral8’s RTD Adapter for Excel enables quick and easy integration of real-time data streams flowing from Coral8 Engine to Microsoft Excel worksheets.

Coral8 News Release External Link

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