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Enyx FPGA Based Trading Platform Certified for Chi-X Canada

Chi-X Canada ATS, a wholly owned subsidiary of alternative trading venue operator Chi-X Global Holdings, today announced that Enyx, a firm specializing in Hardware acceleration, now supports the Chi-X Canada market from its FPGA (field-programmable gate array)-based trading platform.

The Enyx FPGA-based trading platform is the first FPGA board-based solution to successfully integrate full hardware networking, decoding, filtering and normalization features, with a wire-to-software solution below 1.2 microseconds. The solution also accelerates order entry to the ATS. With a hardware TCP/IP TX performance of 150 nanoseconds, the Enyx FPGA-based trading platform is offering an all-in-one solution that encompasses both market data acquisition and order execution from the same hardware board.

“Chi-X Canada is delighted to work with an innovative provider like Enyx, and we remain committed to working with vendors that can provide tools and products that enhance trading efficiencies for our participants,” said Dan Kessous, CEO, Chi-X Canada.

“Chi-X Canada has proved to be a critical piece of Canada’s equity market structure, and we are pleased that Chi-X Canada participants can now benefit from our FPGA-based trading platform. We remain committed to offering a true all-in-one solution that provides market data acquisition and order execution within the same hardware board,” said Emmanuel Pelle, Advisor for Enyx.

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