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FIF CAPACITY STATISTICS FOR January 2011: SIX NEW RECORD PEAKS: TotalView-Aggregated, TotalView ITCH 3.2, BONO from NASDAQ, Direct Edge EDGA, NYSE ArcaBook Equities and SIAC OPRA

This month’s bulletin from the Financial Information Forum (FIF) finds that NASDAQ TotalView-Aggregated was up 166% to a record 122,337 mps over the 5 second interval

Direct Edge EDGA hit a new record peak, up by 26% to 65,137 mps over the 1 second interval

Over the 1 second interval, NYSE ArcaBook Equities was up 13% to a record 361,314 mps

For a second straight month, SIAC OPRA was up a record 7% to 2,298,095 mps over the 1 second interval

Message rates over the 1 second interval from NASDAQ TotalView - ITCH 3.2 hit a new record, up 3% to 502,547 mps

NASDAQ BONO also hit a second record peak over the 1 second interval, an increase of 1% at 203,276 mps

The next meeting of the FIF MD Capacity WG is scheduled for February 24th @ 10:00 AM ET.

The FIF provides key data points for market data rates. Percentage increases based on a comparison between December and January 1 second peaks (unless specified). Monthly data for OPRA, CTA, UTP, BATS U.S. and Europe, Direct Edge, NASDAQ Proprietary, LSE, Euronext, NYSE ArcaBook Equities and Options, CME Group, Toronto and Deutsche Börse feeds are available for FIF members at

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