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FSMLabs and EndRun Technologies Bring Microsecond Accurate Timekeeping to Financial Services Data Centers with CDMA

FSMLabs, a premier provider of enterprise real-time and timekeeping technology, and EndRun Technologies , a manufacturer of time and frequency equipment, today announced a solution that leverages the global CDMA wireless network as a time source for ultra-precise timekeeping. The joint solution combines FSMLabs TimeKeeper and EndRun Tempus LX CDMA to enable financial services and other regulated industries to meet needs for accurate time-stamping and data logging with high transaction volumes.

Unlike existing timekeeping solutions that draw on GPS signals as time sources, TimeKeeper/Tempus LX CDMA clock solution requires neither external antennas nor line-of-site to satellite radio transmissions. Any computer in range of a CDMA cell tower can now keep time accurate to less than 10 microseconds. In data centers, FSMLabs TimeKeeper serves accurate time using in-place NTP (Network Time Protocol) and/or emerging PTP (Precision Time Protocol) to downstream client systems running time-dependent applications performing high-frequency and low-latency trading, real-time market data streaming, and other latency-sensitive operations.

The new FSMLabs EndRun joint solution will find application in a range of other fields as well, including scientific and industrial instrumentation, public safety, and aerospace and defense.

"Many data centers and computing systems require precise time, but do not have access to an outside antenna or direct view of the sky," commented FSMLabs CTO Cort Dougan. "EndRun CDMA timing products offer FSMLabs TimeKeeper customers a flexible and ubiquitous alternative."

"We know that many customers in the financial services industry work in high-rise buildings where installing a GPS antenna is simply not practical," said Dan Paine, Sales Manager at EndRun Technologies. "Our CDMA-synchronized time source operates indoors, wherever customers can access a CDMA phone signal."

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