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GAIN Capital Enhances liquidity Management with StreamBase LiveView

StreamBase Systems today announces that GAIN Capital has deployed StreamBase LiveView for liquidity optimization and back-office risk monitoring. The StreamBase LiveView Analytics Server enables GAIN Capital to access a single real-time view of market liquidity and quickly deploy analytics to help GAIN ensure efficient and optimal liquidity provision.

StreamBase LiveView is a real-time analytics platform that processes both live and historical data, continually pushing live updates from the StreamBase LiveView Analytics Server to the StreamBase LiveView Desktop. Using StreamBase LiveView, users at GAIN interact with streaming and historical data via the StreamBase LiveView Desktop, where raw data and the results of analysis are presented in custom visualizations such as graphs and tree maps. The goal of the LiveView system is to help GAIN optimize available liquidity for customers.

Live notifications and alerts are also a key part of the LiveView platform for GAIN, enabling back-office users to manage liquidity and risk more efficiently, and provide real-time reporting.

“The FX markets are highly fragmented and fast-moving – LiveView provides us an up-to-the-millisecond analytics platform that's truly unique in the industry,” said Rob Perez, VP of Trading and Risk Management Systems at GAIN Capital. “With GAIN’s global client base from over 140 countries trading around the clock, StreamBase LiveView helps us oversee our trading ecosystem, and provide live intelligence that helps better serve our customers’ needs.”

“The development of the StreamBase LiveView platform is driven by clients’ needs to analyze, anticipate and act on data in motion, rather than at rest,” said Mark Palmer, CEO of StreamBase. “LiveView helps firms increase visibility, efficiency and control over their infrastructure so that they are able to provide their clients with integrated liquidity and timely solutions."

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