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Intilop to Showcase Their 3rd Generation Enhanced Ultra-low latency 10G bit TCP Offload Engine and System Solutions for the Financial Markets at the FIX Protocol Conference

Intilop, a pioneer and leader in providing complex ultra-low-latency networking building blocks and systems, today announced that they will be showcasing via live demo, its Ultra-low latency, 3rd generation enhanced 10G TCP Offload Engine (TOE) specifically designed to meet the financial industry's ultra-low latency and high performance trading appliance's requirements.

Intilop corporation's cutting edge series of 10G TOE products, which implement full hardware TCP protocol offload, are achieving a remarkable industry latency benchmark of close to 100 nanoseconds. The highly deterministic, reliable and ultra-low latency offered by 10G TOE is most critical in Financial Transaction, Risk Management and other High Performance Computing systems. It has opened up a new frontier in ultra-precision decision making systems and a new chapter in ‘race-to-zero' latency.

The proven ultra-low latency of the 10G TOE and EMAC is being utilized by the leading developers/vendors in their very high speed Trading Appliances, These appliances are reliably delivering total system ‘wire-to-wire' measured latency of well under a microsecond. This remarkable feat has allowed the financial industry to coin a new phrase called: "the nanosecond trading revolution".

Another industry first for Intilop's 10G TOE and EMAC in the High Frequency Trading (HFT) and High Performance Computing (HPC) areas, is enabling execution of millions of FIX protocol transactions per second.

The TOE's Patent pending architecture is highly scalable, customizable and adaptable without compromising the low latency and performance. Intilop's product-line solutions are available in flexible FPGA/ASIC/SoC technologies which can easily accommodate diverse set of appliance maker's technical design specifications.

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