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Lightspeed To Support Automated Execution Of Active Trading Strategies Generated By 'The Machine'

Lightspeed Financial, a leading provider of ultra low latency direct market access trading technology, risk management solutions and brokerage services for retail active traders and institutional investors, today announced that it now supports the automatic execution of trade signals that are generated by The Machine.

Developed by The Connors Group, The Machine is financial software that enables investors to build customized, quantified investment portfolios using more than 58,500 pre-set and back-tested strategies. Its users include individual investors, investment advisors, asset managers and hedge funds.

Once a portfolio is created by The Machine, clients will have the option to automatically send their portfolio trades to Lightspeed for execution with a few clicks. The offering is powered by proprietary broker-neutral signal/order-entry technology built by LiquidPoint, the derivatives execution technology business of New York based ConvergEx Group.

Larry Connors, CEO of The Connors Group, said, “Using LiquidPoint’s technology, our active investors and traders clients will have a full solution for automatically building and trading their portfolio each day.”

“Lightspeed clients will have access to The Machine based strategies and be able to combine that Alpha Generation with order-entry automation and benchmark execution algorithms (e.g. VWAP, TWAP, etc) for superior execution quality,” said Andrew Actman, Chief Strategy Officer, Lightspeed Financial, Inc. “That combination is unprecedented in the Individual Investor community.”

Tony Saliba, Chief Executive Officer, ConvergEx’s LiquidPoint, said, “ConvergEx has spent years building a vast broker-neutral network and we are thrilled to offer this connectivity to Lightspeed’s clients. The automation allows individuals who were spending significant amounts of time manually inputting hundreds of orders for execution, to achieve the same goal with a few simple clicks of the mouse.”

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