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my-Channels Announces Nirvana 7 for High Speed, Ultra-Low Latency Unified Messaging

my-Channels, the developer of secure multi-platform unified messaging solutions that power some of the world’s top tier financial platforms, today released the “early access” version of Nirvana 7, the new edition of its market-leading unified messaging platform, Nirvana. Nirvana 7 is available to my-Channels customers and non-customers alike to download, test and evaluate for their unified messaging needs.

The upgraded Nirvana 7 platform incorporates significant new functionality and increased performance - including support for both multicast and shared memory delivery modes, low-bandwidth Machine-to-Machine (M2M) messaging, and expanded support for the broadest range of leading industry messaging and Internet standards. With Nirvana 7, enterprise customers benefit from improved ultra-low latency, higher messaging throughput, and simpler, more flexible integration and configuration for their unified messaging (UM) needs.

New features for Nirvana 7 include ultra-low latency multicast functionality for inter-host communications and a new shared memory communications driver for intra-host communications. Nirvana’s multicast support scales massively to support high numbers of clients and message throughput rates while delivering sub-50 microsecond latency. Nirvana’s shared memory driver can sustain many hundred of thousands of messages per second throughput with sub 5 microsecond latency.

Nirvana 7 also sees the addition of support for the MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) messaging standard. With MQTT support, Nirvana 7 enables low-bandwidth, low-power M2M communications to drive an “Internet of things” made up of connected devices. The MQTT standard is ideal for M2M communications where conserving both bandwidth and battery power are a priority, such as for “always on” connected devices and mobile applications.

These new features mean Nirvana 7 is now uniquely positioned as the only unified messaging solution that supports the broadest range of leading Internet and messaging standards and protocols across Enterprise, Web and Mobile platforms.

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