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NASDAQ OMX Data Center Launches Express Connect for Co-Lo Clients

The NASDAQ OMX Group, today announced the launch of Express Connect, a low latency, point-to-point network solution offering connectivity from the NASDAQ OMX Data Center in the U.S. to major financial trading and co-location venues in New York, New Jersey, Chicago and Canada.

CFN Services, a leading provider of automated trading enablement services and Sidera Networks, the premier provider of fiber optic-based network solutions, will be the initial suppliers helping NASDAQ OMX enable Express Connect. By partnering with CFN Services and Sidera Networks, NASDAQ OMX will provide significantly lower communications latency through a secure and highly efficient network, which may be expanded across the globe.

As trading strategies, market data delivery and regulation all require connectivity at multiple venues, market participants who are co-located at the NASDAQ OMX Data Center will benefit from ultra low latency connections to major liquidity hubs from a consolidated access point. Express Connect will help market participants reduce network infrastructure and take advantage of a turnkey solution. Not only does the network facilitate connectivity to other data centers, but it also helps market participants connect to their own backup systems or other firms.&

Mark Casey, President and CEO of CFN Services, said, “We are pleased to partner with NASDAQ OMX in offering their market participants the lowest latencies available for direct market access to other leading North American trading venues and financial markets data centers.”

He added, “Leveraging our global Alpha Platform, Express Connect enables NASDAQ OMX market participants to accelerate market data delivery and trade execution to trading venues worldwide.”

Mike Sicoli, CEO of Sidera Networks, said, “Sidera Networks is honored to be selected by NASDAQ to help launch Express Connect.”

“Express Connect will leverage Sidera’s Xtreme Ultra-low Latency Network, a high capacity, high availability, low latency network, purpose built to support the needs of the trading community,” he added.

Stacie Swanstrom, Vice President of Transaction Services at NASDAQ OMX, said, “By partnering with CFN and Sidera to launch Express Connect, we are able to provide our customers high quality, low latency routes to integral liquidity centers at attractive prices.”

She added, “Express Connect enhances our ecosystem at the NASDAQ OMX Data Center as it provides the easiest and most efficient way to reach U.S. and international trading destinations.”

The NASDAQ OMX Data Center is a leading liquidity center and one of the largest U.S. trading hubs. It hosts both equities and options markets and provides access to all major industry market data feeds, multiple telecommunications providers and leading trading technology and services such as Express Connect.

NASDAQ OMX Access Services operates the NASDAQ OMX co-location. Co-location is available to all market participants and provides customers the opportunity to place their own trading systems within the NASDAQ OMX Data Center to significantly reduce message latency.

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