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NovaSparks Gen2 Feed-Handler Achieves Market Leading Sub-Microsecond Latency on NASDAQ TotalView 4.1 - 10 Gb/s Feed

NovaSparks, the leading supplier in ultra-low latency solutions, today announced the ultra-low latency performance of its deterministic market data feed-handler during the high volatility market conditions of August.

More specifically, the NovaSparks feed-handler for the NASDAQ TotalView 4.1 - 10Gb/s performed with average latency at 400 nanoseconds, a P99.999 (99.999%) at 700ns and a maximum latency lower than 900 nanoseconds. This positions NovaSparks as a market leader in the ultra-low-latency space.

The NovaSparks Gen2 stand-alone appliance is a 100% FPGA (field-programmable-gate-array) solution and is not a hardware accelerated solution. All feed handling is performed within dynamically customised hardware without the need for a traditional generalist CPU bringing new meanings to the word “deterministic”. With the capability of handling up to 10 million updates per second, the achievement of sub-microsecond 100% deterministic latency at 10 Gb/s is both market leading and disruptive.

All the other markets available from NovaSparks also perform with the same sub-microsecond latency capability.

With the additional capability of up to 21 simultaneous output connections (Pcie or 10G), the NovaSparks appliance provides flexible and highly scalable fan-out to algorithmic, market making and order execution servers. Customers may select specific sets of instruments for each individual output, enabling different servers and or strategies to be serviced concurrently with those instruments only of interest to those servers, while still benefiting from the same sub-microsecond latency capability.

Yves Charles, Chief Executive Officer of NovaSparks said, “The feedback we are receiving from our customers is that the performance of our Gen2 solution is exceeding even their high expectations especially during the extremely volatile trading month of August 2011. We believe that our 100% FPGA vision is the only proven method that handles the critical market data bursts without increasing latency. Turning thought leadership into unique engineering that provides our clients with a competitive edge remains a key focus for NovaSparks. We look forward to helping more customers achieve their low latency goals.”

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