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OptionsCity Expands Reach, Connects to ISE

OptionsCity Software, a leading provider of end-to-end electronic trading software, announced today that it has become a certified vendor on the International Securities Exchange (ISE) for electronic trading. OptionsCity will roll out connectivity to ISE to its customers, beginning with a proprietary trading group and a market maker on RUT that has expressed strong interest in trading the active, multi-legged strategy book available at ISE.

“We are very pleased to welcome OptionsCity as a certified vendor providing access to our new, best-in-class trading system running on the Optimise trading architecture,” said Boris Ilyevsky, Managing Director of ISE’s options exchange. “In addition to the latency reductions offered by Optimise, our new system includes many enhancements to our order book for multi-legged strategies, and we are excited for OptionsCity’s customers to begin using these new features.”

“OptionsCity is committed to expanding our offerings across the U.S. markets.” said Hazem Dawani, President and CEO, OptionsCity Software. “With the addition of ISE on the Metro trading platform, we continue to offer a full range of sophisticated trading technology to our customers within a growing market.”

OptionsCity Metro is a fully configurable electronic trading and market making platform that creates a distinctive edge by enabling options traders to have full control over trading, pricing, and risk management. OptionsCity Metro was built on power, speed, reliability, and a way for options traders to simplify a complicated process. Metro’s intuitive interface provides options traders with a powerful solution that has a dynamic server-based quoting engine, mitigates risk substantially, and lowers high-scale costs.

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