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Perseus Telecom Expands with Acquisition of 60 Hudson Data Center, Opens Trading Access to All Global Networks

Perseus Telecom, a global provider of connectivity, announced today that the firm has acquired a new data hub at 60 Hudson Street in New York City, marking a significant expansion of the firm’s network for trading firms and enterprise networks. The data center provides global point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity between financial exchanges, data centers and corporate office locations, thus making it one of the most important carrier buildings in the world.

“Across regional and global geographies, valuable financial assets are traded with ever increasing speed and frequency,” states Dr. Jock Percy, CEO of Perseus Telecom. “Electronic trading participants require the best available technology to take advantage of every market opportunity, with minimal latency and access to global trading hubs. With the acquisition of 60 Hudson, we offer trading firms the fastest access to all global networks, including trans-Atlantic, trans-Pacific, transcontinental US and Latin America.”

Within 60 Hudson, Perseus Telecom incorporates proprietary and global carrier networks to construct a bespoke, performance-focused infrastructure.

“With the increasing importance of interconnection and speed in today’s trading environment, having a data hub which provides low-latency connection that is quicker, even by microseconds, is mission-critical by giving traders a competitive edge,” continues Percy.

The building is a historic landmark; 60 Hudson was a breakthrough hub of world-wide communications during the telegraph era, and today represents more than 100 domestic and global telecommunications companies within its colocations meet-me-room. “This is perhaps the world’s most fiber rich and interconnected building,” says Andrew Kusminsky, COO. “From our new data center, we can get to 196 countries.” Several major financial services technology providers are domiciled in the building, including IPC, a major financial services technology provider.

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