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QUANTHOUSE Breaks the 5.55 Million Market Data Messages Decoded Per Second with the Latest Xeon 5680 Series from Intel Corporation

QuantHouse, the leading independent provider of low latency trading solutions, announced today that its feed handler technology, used to standardize exchange raw market data feeds, is able to decode more than 5.55 million messages per second.

The benchmark was performed at fasterLAB, the Intel lab in London on several versions of the multicore Intel Xeon 5680 3.33Ghz platform.

QuantHouse is a provider of end-to-end advanced trading solutions including low latency market data technologies, an alpha generation development framework and infrastructure trading services for systematic trading firms who want to take the lead.

Commenting on the announcement, Denery Fenouil, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of QuantHouse, said, “As our FeedHandler low latency software is natively multi-threaded, leveraging the power of multicore hardware is immediate. The combination of our software and the new Intel Xeon processor 5680 series allowed us to improve the normalization capabilities by more than 68% compared to a similar benchmark made last year on the previous generation of Intel processor.”

Nigel Woodward, Intel Financial Services Director UK commented, "QuantHouse FeedHandler takes full advantage of the new Intel 6 cores Xeon 5600 Series processors by showing scalability from 4 to 6 cores. It also benefits from the larger L3 shared cache, still from the SMT technology with a 12% boost and from the Turbo technology with a 3% boost. We believe that competitive advantage in trading comes from the incremental tuning to Intel Architecture (iA) that we do in the labs. Through this collaboration with experts such as QuantHouse we can maintain ongoing innovation and achieve solutions at the front of the market.”

Stephane Leroy, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at QuantHouse, concluded: "It’s clearly part of our marketing strategy to further develop our technology in cooperation with industry leaders such as Intel. Many clients come to us as they don’t want to wait for their data providers to be able to distribute new technology features coming from third party data vendors. Our clients have the immediate reward of any QuantHouse Research & Development innovations to optimize their performance and business results.”

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