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RTI Seminar: The Value of a Millisecond - May 1st, NYC

Low latency is all the rage, but what does it really mean?

• What opportunities are you losing if you don’t have it?
• What new risks are introduced if you do?
• How do you best get it?

Join RTI and Larry Tabb of TABB Group to review the findings of the most comprehensive research yet conducted into the business implications of low latency. Everyone who attends the seminar will receive a complimentary copy of the forthcoming TABB Group report on low latency.Date: May 1, 2008 Time: Reception at 5:00 PM, presentation at 6:00 Location: Midtown Manhattan Who should attend: program and proprietary traders, risk managers, financial engineers, trading IT managers.

Topics that will be covered at the seminar include:

• Quantifying lost opportunities from a latency disadvantage

• Avoiding increased risk exposure: low latency’s impact on the whole trading process, from front to back-office

• Low latency requires more than speeds and feeds: sources of latency and the importance of tuning

• Co-location’s benefits and limits: you can’t put all of your traders and IT staff in the cage

• Identifying and prioritizing areas for infrastructural improvement Seating is limited, register today @

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