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S3 and Silexx Announce Strategic Alliance

S3 and Silexx today announced a Strategic Alliance to provide access to S3’s Satellite router to all Silexx clients. The alliance allows Silexx clients to dynamically adapt their order routing to consistently achieve optimal trade executions and provides them with immediate access to S3’s Compass suite of Execution Quality and TCA Analytics.

Under this Alliance, Silexx has established connectivity to S3’s Satellite Router, a smart routing solution that allows Broker Dealers to dynamically and automatically select the best destination based on a variety of business rule metrics, including execution quality, fee minimization and rebate maximization. By automatically adapting to the changing market conditions and routing to the best destination, S3’s Radar suite of routing algorithms ensures that retail and institutional broker dealers get the best quality trades, while execution providers receive the order flow that they are best able to interact with. By simply selecting the S3 destination on the Silexx interface, clients will be able to route to the very best possible destination.

“We are very pleased to be able to provide our routing solutions to so many broker dealers, ensuring they get the highest rebates possible while simultaneously maximizing execution quality," Said Mark Davies, S3’s CEO, “Silexx’s clients are leaders in options trading, and we are pleased they see the value in our capabilities”

Additionally, Silexx clients will be able to generate all the best execution reports, including SEC Rule 605 and 606 compliance reports, without the need to send any additional data – Silexx will provide the data to S3 upon the request of the client.

“We are excited to seamlessly offer S3’s services to our clients,” said Thomas J. Frey, Chief Executive Officer of Silexx, “By reducing the number of external connections our clients need to maintain, we are able to simplify their business and increase the value of our solutions.

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