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Stac Benchmarks Optimised RMDS Configuration; Boosts Updates to 19.1 million/second

Referencing a benchmark it conducted in September 2008 for the Thomson Reuters Market Data System (RMDS), Stac has released an update after applying certain optimisations. For the update, Stac added two more 10GigE ports (bringing the total to four) to reduce contention among the cores competing to consume and transmit data, and moved the burden of TCP processing to the NIC, using Chelsio’s TCP Offload Engine (TOE).

Stac then re-ran the Producer 50/50 tests on an equivalent 24-core Intel 7450-based server from IBM running Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLES) 10. In this optimised configuration, RMDS was able to output 19.1 million updates per second.

Access the full report here.

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