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StreamBase Launches Certification Program

StreamBase Systems today introduced a certification program for Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology developers. The certification program will help CEP architects differentiate themselves in the marketplace by providing them with the knowledge and skills required to successfully build event-driven applications using the StreamBase EventFlow programming language.

The demand for expertise in developing real-time applications has dramatically increased over the last few years. The StreamBase Certification Program enables StreamBase, its partners and its customers to recruit developers who have a solid foundation and understanding in event processing architecture and design. For both new and experienced developers, becoming certified in StreamBase validates their skills and demonstrates proficiency in the latest event processing technology.

“CEP is a well established and rapidly growing choice for businesses in capital markets, e-commerce and other industries where the need to rapidly build real-time applications is essential to success,” said Richard Tibbetts, CTO at StreamBase. “By offering the StreamBase Certification Program, we will establish a community of developers which organizations can access when in need of highly skilled event processing architects.”

The StreamBase Certification Program combines valuable learning experience and hands-on practice. The course will be offered in Chicago, London, New York, São Paulo and Toronto. To learn more visit or watch Richard Tibbetts

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