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Tudor Investment Corporation Selects OneTick Database and CEP for Enterprise

OneMarketData, the leader in tick data management and analytics, today announced that Tudor Investment Corporation (Tudor), a premier asset management firm, has selected OneMarketData’s OneTick Database and CEP for real-time and historical market data storage and analysis. OneTick will be used to support Tudor’s active trading, investing and research in the global equity, debt, currency and commodity markets.

Tudor had a mix of other legacy and vendor-provided tick data solutions in place, which they wanted to replace with a centralized multi-asset class system that could be used across various business lines and support a wide range of requirements. “The mix of systems we previously had in place was no longer fast or flexible enough to support our business,” said Oleg Olovyannikov, CTO at Tudor. “We realized we needed a cost-effective, integrated platform that could be used across the enterprise to capture, integrate and analyze the complete breadth of real-time and historical data from various data vendors and exchanges. OneTick was selected after a thorough evaluation of multiple tick database systems and complex event processing systems. “We also chose OneTick because we were impressed with its support staff. They provided excellent response times during our evaluation and helped us start tackling real-world use cases quickly,” remarked Mr. Olovyannikov.

Built from inception as a single integrated system, OneTick CEP and Database empowers users to write a single set of code for historical analysis and real-time signal generation; run queries that span historical and real-time data; and apply OneTick analytics to these data processes. With OneTick, users greatly reduce costs associated with licensing, installing and maintaining separate data management and complex event processing (CEP) systems by leveraging a single CEP and tick database solution that costs the same as most independent systems, which lack the ability to collect and analyze both historical and real-time data.

“Asset managers today face enough challenges without also having to worry about if their disparate legacy systems are negatively impacting performance,” said Richard Chmiel, Vice President at OneMarketData. “By selecting OneTick to meet their complete tick data management and analytics needs, Tudor Investment Corporation will be able to streamline their operations and boost performance while lowering their total cost of ownership.”

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