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Video: Low Latency Connectivity Solutions - 29West-Informatica

A-Team Citihub Video Series: Low Latency Connectivity Solutions
Sponsored by Interxion

This video series has been designed to help market practitioners understand the various commercial offerings in the marketplace for building high-performance trading infrastructures that can take advantage of today’s increasingly high-speed markets.

In addition to our sponsors, Interxion, we asked six leading suppliers to explain why low-latency trading infrastructures are so important, and the technological challenges their clients face when trying to build them. We asked them to describe their own approach to solving performance issues in the trading environment, and finally we had them offer up some insight into how they see this exciting market segment evolving over the next 12 to 18 months.

In this edition, Jitesh Ghai, global director of systems engineering at 29West-Informatica, explains the strategic importance of low-latency messaging middleware to the high-performance trading environment.

Running time: 12 minutes 10 seconds

Click Here for the entire series

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