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Zayo Deploys Low Latency Route Between Chicago and Seattle

Zayo Group announces it is enhancing its low latency service between Seattle and Chicago. The improved performance on the route will give Financial, Content and Carrier customers a material latency reduction from what is currently available.

Zayo’s existing service between Seattle and Chicago provides industry-leading latency. The enhanced service, which will be available in the third quarter of 2012, significantly improves latency. The distance of the route will be reduced by approximately 100 route miles. To further reduce latency, the system will be engineered as an express route, with add/drop points being limited to approximately 4 locations. Zayo anticipates reducing latency by 5 – 15% relative to currently available services.

The Wavelength system being deployed will be a native 100G system, which is scalable to 4 terabytes. Zayo will continue to offer service on its existing system, which provides add/drop points in many markets between Chicago, IL and Seattle, WA.

“Seattle to Chicago is a strategically important route for many of our customers, and these customers are seeking lower-latency options.” states Dan Caruso, President and CEO of Zayo. “Traffic from Asia terminates in Seattle, and many of the nation’s largest data centers are located in Northern Oregon and Central Washington.”

Zayo is also assessing the potential to serve its Dark Fiber customers on this route. Certain sections of the route would require overbuild to provide Dark Fiber service. If sufficient demand for Dark Fiber service exists, Zayo expects to commence engineering, design and permitting as early as late 2012, with construction potentially beginning in spring of 2013.

“For the foreseeable future, Zayo will have ample lit capacity to serve its customers,” said Matt Erickson, President of Zayo Fiber Solutions.  “Looking forward, we anticipate that some of our customers will desire a Dark Fiber solution given the unique attributes of this route. We have begun dialogue with these customers to plan an overbuild, though we will hold off construction until sufficient customer contracts are in place.”

Zayo recently announced plans to acquire AboveNet, an established provider to financial, content and other customer segments where latency is an important network attribute. AboveNet provides low latency alternatives along key routes in North America as well as to European destinations such as London. Zayo also provides low latency services between Chicago and east coast locations.

Zayo is evaluating how to leverage the Seattle to Chicago service with existing routes from both AboveNet and Zayo. The combined low latency capabilities would provide solutions spanning from Seattle to New York and Washington DC with stops in Chicago and Philadelphia. Traffic from the Asian and European cable landing stations to North American cities will also see a potential decrease in latency.

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