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Colt, Europe’s leading information delivery platform, today announced it is to provide a proximity hosting service for financial institutions wanting to connect to the London Stock Exchange Group [LSEG] data centre, strategically located in the heart of the City. Developed in partnership with LSEG, the new low latency service will enhance the portfolio of hosting solutions available to the Exchange’s customers through Colt’s comprehensive portfolio of proximity services.

Fresh from a rebranding as Informatica Ultra Messaging, the low latency middleware provider formerly known as 29West aims to leverage the breadth of its parent as it seeks to expand in 2011. Having established itself as a prime contender in the low latency messaging space in financial markets, IUM closed 2010 with a win at Denmark’s Saxo Bank and is now exploring the broad range of industries Informatica Corp. operates in for potential applications of its messaging platform.

The Dow Jones Corporate Elementized News Feed now delivers “news catalysts” from the corporate earnings reports of the world’s most liquid companies to give traders an expanded data set for use in executing more profitable trades.

FSMLabs, a premier provider of enterprise real-time and timekeeping technology, today announced that FSMLabs TimeKeeper now supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Together these technologies provide a rapidly deployable solution for synchronizing time in high-performance technical environments, such as high-frequency trading. TimeKeeper is a time-synchronization software technology that rapidly synchronizes servers and applications to reference time from GPS or other time sources.

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The Collaborative Software Initiative (CSI) - via its initiative - has released a free, open source, data feed handler for the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) consolidated feed.

Given its concerted effort to raise its visibility over the past year or so, RealTick’s sale to ConvergEx Group, announced today, comes as little surprise. It comes as little surprise too that its owner, Barclays, would want to divest itself of a non-core business that it acquired along with the US operations of Lehman Brothers in that post-Credit Crunch deal.

euNetworks Group Limited, announced it has launched a new ultra low latency route from London to Stockholm, marking the completion of the latest phase of its network development programme dedicated to the financial services community.