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Progress Software Corporation, a leading independent enterprise software provider that enables companies to be operationally responsive , today announced the availability of Progress Apama 4.3, a major new release of the market leading Progress Apama Event Processing platform. This new version includes a next-generation Event Processing Language (EPL) optimized for the concise expression of business and temporal logic. Moreover, events can be captured as a stream with common attributes, giving developers and business users greater scalability and more control over how they can sense and respond to events.

SunGard Trading has introduced a low latency direct market access (DMA) service for pan-European equity markets through its Valdi Execution Services broker/dealer unit. The new service marks an improvement on the latency of the company’s SunGard Global Trading platform for DMA, but won’t necessarily offer the lowest latency connectivity in the marketplace.

Grupo Bursátil Mexicano (GBM), S.A. de C.V., a leading Mexican international broker-dealer, has selected Tervela’s hardware-accelerated messaging system to replace its legacy messaging middleware. GBM controls a significant portion of the order volume for the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, Mexico's only stock exchange and second largest stock exchange in Latin America.

Deutsche Börse – Market Data & Analytics is making its algorithmic news feed “AlphaFlash” available in a data center in Sydney as of 15 November. This is the first time that AlphaFlash will be offered in the Asia-Pacific region.

US Markets In a move that further suggests that the exchange sector sees technology services as a key contributor to future growth, Direct Edge has launched a suite of connectivity services that includes market data feeds and direct market access to all major US exchanges through a single point of contact. Direct Edge’s new Connect Edge holds the promise of lower telecommunications costs for clients seeking to connect to multiple markets.

Spread Networks, LLC, a privately owned telecommunications provider, today announced that its low latency Ethernet wave service connecting New York and Chicago has gone live with a measured performance of under 15.50 milliseconds; the lowest latency of any commercially available wavelength service, and better than Spread Networks previously announced SLA of 15.75 milliseconds. Spread Networks’ new wave service complements its flagship 13.33 millisecond roundtrip dark fiber network service, which connects America’s two largest financial centers-the industry benchmark for ultra low latency connectivity.

Spread Networks, LLC, a privately owned telecommunications provider, today announced a relationship with Endace, a world leader in high-speed network traffic capture, and analysis, to provide microsecond-accurate latency measurements for

CQG’s launch of its Continuum division aims to commercialise elements of the global infrastructure it has built up to support its market data and trading applications for the futures market. Continuum will offer futures industry participants CQG trade execution and data distribution solutions, predominantly partnering with third parties to add CQG functionality and market data feeds to their products and services.

Agency-only broker/dealer MPS Global Securities has jumped on the bandwagon of service providers offering pre-trade risk solutions that comply with the SEC’s November 3 rule banning unfiltered access to exchanges and alternative trading systems.