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Kx Systems, the leader in high-performance database and timeseries analysis, has announced today the release of kdb+ v2.7. In response to growing market demand, this version comes with several enhancements, of which intelligent file compression, enhanced memory management and a performance increase of up to 20% are the most significant. With constantly growing data volumes the costs of storage are an increasingly important consideration for global financial institutions. Regulatory requirements are an additional driver for storing greater quantities of data.

Tervela, the pioneer of hardware-accelerated messaging systems, and Allston Trading, LLC, a premier market maker in more than 30 financial exchanges worldwide, today announced that Tervela’s messaging platform has been chosen to enable a more information-rich trading environment while monitoring application performance, network health, and end-to-end latency in real-time.

Voltaire Ltd., a leading provider of scale-out data center fabrics, today introduced the Voltaire Vantage 6048, a low-latency, high-performance Layer 2/3 top-of-rack switch optimized for cloud computing.

Bloomberg Tradebook, a leading global agency broker, today announced exclusive arrangements with leading industry dark liquidity providers to deliver full transparency and visibility of dark pool executions.

Nascent asset manager Exclusive Quantitative Investment Management (EXQIM) has selected OneMarketData’s OneTick complex event processing (CEP) and database software to underpin quantitative strategy development and deployment in the US and European equities markets. - an initiative of the Collaborative Software Initiative (CSI) - has released a data feed handler for the Direct Edge Scratch feed. A community edition is available for free under an open source license, and at a cost for a commercially-supported enterprise edition.

Exegy, Inc., the market data appliance company announced today that the Exegy Ticker Plant driving the MarketDataPeaks web site hit 3,409,640 messages per second. This is a new record and surpasses the previous high water mark of 3,389,942 mps reached on 30 July when the market reacted to poor Q2 GDP growth data and downward revisions to prior quarterly data.

Vello Systems, a leader in next-generation high performance IP+OpticalTM networking systems, today announced the deployment of a state-of-the-art 10G optical network for Hudson Fiber Network, an exclusive provider of high-bandwidth, low-latency networking solutions in the New York metro area. The new network is built with Vello Systems CX Family platforms providing a highly-reliable, ultra-low latency networking fabric for a suite of SLA-based services designed expressly for high-frequency trading applications. The new network takes advantage of Vello Systems’ advanced optical modulation techniques allowing four 10G signals to be transported in a single ITU channel and providing a seamless upgrade to 40G and 100G transmissions.

Algo Technologies is pleased to announce it has been contracted to install two major replacement systems and upgrades at PLUS Markets Group, the UK Recognised Investment Exchange (RIE). The sale of a third technology upgrade – AlgoM2, the fastest matching engine in the world – to PLUS is also in the pipeline subject to certain financing contingencies being in place.