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Hibernia Atlantic, the only diverse transAtlantic high bandwidth connectivity provider, announces today that ACTIV Financial, a leading global provider of fully managed low-latency market data solutions, has selected Hibernia Atlantic's Global Financial Network (GFN) for Ethernet between Frankfurt and Chicago. ACTIV chose Hibernia's GFN, a next generation, high speed connectivity platform because of its rapid delivery coupled with secure route diversity, commercial flexibility and unmatched provisioning time to install.

StreamBase today announced integration of its CEP platform with Solace Systems’ hardware-based middleware routing products. The combination of these technologies provides customers with a comprehensive solution for receiving, filtering and analyzing market data, news and other market inputs to improve real-time trading decisions and profits.

IPC Systems, Inc., a leading provider of indispensable trading communications solutions to the world’s top financial services firms and global enterprises, today announced that it is providing Orbixa with highly reliable, secure, low-latency electronic connectivity to the BATS Exchange, the world’s third-largest stock exchange operator, via IPC’s Electronic Connectivity Services (ECS).

The algo news feed AlphaFlash of Deutsche Börse – Market Data & Analytics will be available in three London data centers starting 15 July 2010. This raises the total number of data centers which provide direct access to this data feed to seven worldwide. AlphaFlash, a joint product of Deutsche Börse and the financial news agencies Need to Know News and Market News International, both entities of Deutsche Börse, delivers more than 150 machine readable macroeconomic indicators directly into trading algorithms.

Hibernia Atlantic, the only diverse transAtlantic high bandwidth connectivity provider, announces today that Deutsche Börse Systems, the IT subsidiary of Deutsche Börse AG, has selected Hibernia's secure Global Financial Network (GFN) for high performance, protected connectivity between Frankfurt and Chicago. Deutsche Börse Systems chose Hibernia's GFN because of its full route diversity throughout the entire transAtlantic, long-haul network, as well as down to the local metro loop level. The new high capacity route will serve Deutsche Börse Group's large financial client base. The route also avoids highly congested network areas, such as around the New York and London waterways, thereby offering security through physical diversity.

Spread Networks has opened for business offering a low-latency, dark fibre private network connection between New York and Chicago with a guaranteed round trip latency of 13.33 milliseconds, a couple of milliseconds below currently available commercial services.

BLADE Network Technologies, Inc. (BLADE), a trusted leader in data center networking, announced that its RackSwitch 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch now delivers Multicast protocols at sub-700 nanosecond port-to-port latency for high-frequency trading, market data, video streaming and other applications that require one-to-many multicast data distribution over an IP infrastructure.

Endace, world leaders in high-speed packet capture and analysis solutions, today introduced the world’s first virtual packet-capture probe. Designed specifically to appeal to organizations in the financial services market, the new software enables a variety of different applications to simultaneously benefit from Endace’s 100-percent network packet capture and nanosecond time-stamping capabilities.

The Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC) today released STAC-M3 Benchmark results for a solution from Kx Systems and Oracle Corporation.  STAC-M3 provides a common measuring methodology for solutions that manage large timeseries datasets (tick databases). The measurement standard is currently a community proposal developed by the STAC Benchmark Council, comprised of trading organizations and vendors. The Council defines a series of standard benchmarks for capital market workloads, though interestingly only trading organizations - and not vendors - can approve specific tests, which ensures the benchmarks have relevance to real-world trading demands. To complete the inaugural benchmark testing on timeseries data, Oracle worked with Kx Systems, using Kx’s kdb+. The results have now set the standard for a series of benchmark tests to be carried out over the next few months.