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A-Team Citihub Video Series: Low Latency Connectivity Solutions
Sponsored by Interxion

This video series has been designed to help market practitioners understand the various commercial offerings in the marketplace for building high-performance trading infrastructures that can take advantage of today’s increasingly high-speed markets.

FSMLabs, a premier provider of enterprise real-time and timekeeping technology, today announced support for the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) standard in its flagship TimeKeeper product. Adding PTP Version 2 to TimeKeeper opens a route for companies conducting low latency transactions, especially in financial services, to increase competitive edge and get ahead of new regulatory requirements, by seamlessly upgrading time services while taking advantage of advanced networking equipment.

Solace Systems, the leading provider of hardware-based middleware, today announced a partnership with NovaSparks (formerly known as HPC Platform), specialists in low latency market data Ticker Plant and distribution systems. The integration of Solace's Unified Messaging Platform and NovaSparks' all-hardware FPGA-based Ticker Plant solutions will enable customers to achieve ultra low latency market data distribution with absolute and deterministic performance.

Solace Systems, the leading provider of middleware appliances, announced today that Two Sigma Investments, LLC ("Two Sigma"), a leader in process-driven, systematic trading, has selected Solace's JMS messaging solution for use in its core trading infrastructure. The platform will support numerous application-based messaging functions within Two Sigma, which has multiple offices and several billion dollars of assets under management.

London-based low latency provider announces FX trading connections to Hotspot FX, LLC. are now available with co-location services complete in NY4, Secaucus, New Jersey.

Interxion, a leading European operator of carrier-neutral data centre services, today announced an agreement with AlgoSpan and ALGO Technologies, to offer low latency connectivity and market data services from Interxion’s City of London data centre with immediate effect.

HPC Platform SA, the ‘No Latency’ specialists in data packet processing solutions today announced the official renaming of the organisation to “NovaSparks SA”.

Atrium Network, provider of smarter connectivity for the financial community, today announced that it has enhanced its North American Exchange Ring with a high-speed, ultra-low latency connection between New Jersey and Chicago. The market-leading latency speed of 15.9 milliseconds (round trip delay) will enable clients to benefit from multi-gigabit access to multiple liquidity venues already connected on Atrium Network’s global platform.

Hanweck Associates, a premier financial services provider specializing in risk management systems and technology for institutional investors, today announced its addition of European markets coverage to its high-performance, hardware-accelerated options analytics solution, VoleraFEED. Hanweck will now calculate and disseminate real-time options analytics, including implied volatilities and greeks, from Deutsche Börse’s Eurex derivatives market and Euronext through a strategic partnership with ACTIV Financial.