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Solace Systems, the leading provider of middleware appliances, today announced that CNSX Markets Inc. (CNSX Markets) has selected Solace to supply technology to manage the distribution of its high speed data feeds to clients. CNSX Markets operates two venues: Pure Trading and the Canadian National Stock Exchange based on technology from NASDAQ OMX.

SpryWare, a premier provider of Ultra Low Latency feed handlers and direct market data technology, today announced their latest version of their direct feed handler technology, with an In-Process solution, breaking well in to the single digit microsecond latency arena. The SpryWare Embedded MIS (Embedded Market information Server), deploys as a full In-Process solution, bringing SpryWare’s robust feed handlers directly into the client trading application. This technology combines market data acquisition, normalization, and delivery with algorithmic trading engines into a single process. Gone are the delays associated with network hop latency, middleware distribution bottlenecks, double copies of data, and context switching overhead.

Peter Nabicht Allston Allston Trading, a high frequency market maker in over 30 financial exchanges worldwide, has installed a Tervela hardware accelerated messaging platform to support application development and monitor application performance, network health and latency in real time.

A-Team Group’s Andrew Delaney chairs a high level panel at our A-Team Insight Exchange event in London on the importance of a suitably robust back office IT infrastructure in order to better support the risk management function, featuring speakers from Mizuho International, QuartetFS, Kinetic Partners and Oracle.

Darshan Chandarana from Oracle Financial Services outlines the company's focus on capital markets, and how it can now offer an integrated hardware and software stack following its acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Complex Event Processing and Real-time Java are two specific technologies he points out, as examples of mainstream technology being more widely adopted for niche customers to create their own platforms.

TS-Associates' Henry Young discusses "precision instrumentation" of low-latency systems with A-Team's Pete Harris. "You can't manage what you can't measure," is the bottom line. Henry also provides and update on how the FIX Protocol Organization is involved in inter-party latency measurement, and why standards are needed in this area.

A-Team's Andrew Delaney talks to StreamBase Systems CEO Mark Palmer about the agility of creating low-latency systems - it's not just how fast they are, but how fast one can build, deploy and modify them. Also how business management is getting more involved in the low-latency debate, and the 'disconnect' between business and technical groups. Plus how latency is a factor of many elements in a complete trading system.

NEW RECORD PEAKS for BX TotalView ITCH 3.2, UTDF, Level 2 and QBBO from NASDAQ, CQS and OPRA from SIAC and CEF Core Eurex from Deutsche Börse

The Bahrain Financial Exchange (BFX), the first multi-asset exchange in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, announced today the signing of a partnership agreement with RTS Realtime Systems (RTS), a leading global trading solutions provider.