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In key ways, trading firms have gone back to the future in their attempts to build winning architectures for the 21st Century, said an executive from consultancy Accenture, during the A-Team Insight Exchange conference yesterday in New York City.

Hibernia Atlantic, the only diverse transAtlantic high bandwidth connectivity provider, and Megatrade Communications Services, a telecommunications share group for the Canadian securities industry, announce today that Hibernia’s low latency Global Financial Network (GFN) is now available to all Megatrade members. With this new offering, Megatrade clients now have access to secure and diverse low latency connectivity solutions throughout Canada, the US, UK, and Europe.

Cisco today announced that Fixnetix, one of the leading providers of low-latency trading, market data, hosting and direct market access (DMA) services for the financial service industry, has completed its US low latency network expansion using Cisco technology. The ability to trade the “Fastest” in any market from any location has enabled Fixnetix and Cisco to set the bench mark for low latency trading and market data access. Fixnetix has now completed its ultra high speed 10Gb+ network with the addition of 6 US colocation centres from Chicago, New York and New Jersey bringing the tally including Europe to 24. Over the last four years Fixnetix has worked closely with Cisco to create the ‘Ultimate Financial Services Network’ providing end customers, including banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading groups, with the ability to trade in any location with guaranteed lowest latency. Covering some 50+ Cash, Futures, Options, FX and Bond Markets puts Fixnetix ahead of the competition with the help of Cisco.

Market data rates could hit 64 million messages per second in five years if data rates and volumes continue their current surge, according to a panelist speaking at today's A-Team Group Insight Exchange conference in New York City.

ITRS Group plc, the leading provider of predictive, real-time systems and application management products to the world’s financial community, is pleased to announce a new global partnership with 29West. Recently acquired by Informatica, 29West is the market leader in high-performance, ultra low-latency messaging solutions.

Exegy Incorporated, the hardware-accelerated market data appliance company announced today the release of the Exegy Ticker Plant 3.0.

RNA Networks is leveraging memory virtualisation technology to tackle memory bottlenecks that degrade data intensive trading applications. The company’s middleware platform is aimed at improving application performance, eliminating the capacity and cost constraints of server memory, and making memory a scalable networked resource.

Equinix, Inc., a provider of global data centre services, today announced the expected May 1, 2010 opening of the first phase of its new Amsterdam (AM2) International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre, which has been under development since November 2009. The first phase represents an expected investment of approximately $40.0 million and provides 480 cabinets equivalents. The second phase is targeted for completion during the third quarter of 2010 and is expected to provide an additional 520 cabinets equivalents. A third phase, to be timed to meet market demand, will provide an additional 500 cabinet equivalents. Equinix’s investment into the purpose-built AM2 IBX data centre represents the company’s fourth facility in The Netherlands, including two IBX data centres located in Enschede and Zwolle, and is part of the company’s $2.0 billion investment to expand operations between 2007 and 2010.

This month’s bulletin from the Financial Information Forum (FIF) finds that NASDAQ UQDF was up 25% with a new record peak of 82,406 mps over 1 second