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Q And As

In a world where major network vendors like Cisco Systems and Arista Networks are competing on increasingly complex functionality, there is still room for niche products that fulfill straightforward local connectivity needs, including manageability with negligible latency. spoke to Exablaze's CTO Matthew Chapman about this need, and how his company is addressing it.

Packet capture - grabbing every data packet on a network for analysis - is becoming increasingly important, not just for specialist latency measurement but for higher level monitoring and management of trading and compliance functions. spoke to Solarflare's Bruce Tolley how and why it is being integrated into the company's network interface cards.

Skyler Technology is a company that has re-invented itself since its early days as a complex event processing company from the San Francisco Bay Area, to focus on market data management - with some relevant technology for compliance in markets such as LIBOR - from a UK base. spoke to CEO Mike Vieyra to find out more about the company's direction.

Intel's new Ivy Bridge processor is driving new server technologies that the financial markets are keen to adopt. But in today's cost-reduction environment, it's not just about top performance - through accelerated CPU clock speeds - but also how to roll out and operate in a cost effective way - which brings in server density, power, ease of deployment and reliability. found out more from Supermicro's global business development head Don Clegg.

Trading firms are looking to boost the speed at which they run analytics, in order to provide faster trading signals and more effective risk management. Leveraging vector-based processing, and managing data so that it remains in the CPU cache can help. spoke to McObject's CEO Steve Graves for some explanations.

Moving into emerging markets around the globe is very much in the minds of major trading firms, and as a result, lowering the latency of access is of increasing importance. caught up with BSO Network Solutions managing director Fraser Bell to find out what the drivers are, and how his company is responding.

With many trading firms looking at new opportunities in the Asia/Pacific region, where algo trading and the lowest-latency are still very much in vogue, Pacnet's connectivity and data centre offering is becoming increasingly popular. chatted to enterprise sales manager Ian Farruggio to find out more about the company - past, present and future.

Embium is the new name for Cyborg Trading Systems, providing a cloud-delivered, broker neutral, algorithmic trading platform.  As well as a new name, the company has a new CEO. caught up with Janice Robson to find out about the past, present and future.

Leveraging machine readable news and social media updates is an emerging approach that's thus far been adopted by trading firms and hedge funds with significant technology and quant expertise. EOTPRO is now looking to broaden the usage of MRN through is web portal, and found out more from CEO Bill Dennis.