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Q And As

As some exchanges have adopted proprietary binary protocols for HFT and other latency sensitive trading, the FIX Protocol organisation has been hard at work bringing FIX messaging into the world of high performance trading. found out what's been happening from Fred Malabre, co-chair of the FPL High Performance Working Group (and senior director at CME Group).

In-memory technology is finding new applications in the financial markets and in big data processing. We found out how ScaleOut Software is addressing these needs from the company's COO Dave Brinker.

It's a bit of a paradox that Java is so widely used across all applications and industries, and yet is often cited as not suitable for the automated trading space. caught up with Gil Tene, CTO and Co-founder of Azul Systems, to find out more about Java performance, and how to improve it.

The In-Memory term is increasingly in use, and in the context of big data. We asked Adi Paz, vice president of marketing and business development at GigaSpaces Technologies, to explain the integration of in-memory and big data technologies, and what benefits can be expected.

Hardware acceleration means more than FPGAs. Network packet processors are also being adopted in the financial markets to boost the performance of trading applications. talked to Vibhoosh Gupta, business leader at GE Intelligent Platforms, to find out more.

When discussing big data, the point is often made that deriving value from the data, through analytics, is where the real business win is. Panopticon Software has been in the analysis business - specifically data visualisation - since before big data was a common term. So we found out more about the company, and how it is involved in the capital markets, from its managing director, Willem De Geer.

While the debate on whether to leverage FPGAs versus travel the Intel CPU roadmap for cutting-edge performance continues, there seems to be a common view that developing for FPGAs can be challenging. Looking to overcome that challenge is Algo-Logic Systems, with pre-built functionality for automated trading functions. spoke to the company's founder and CEO John Lockwood to find out more on its mission and products.

HPCC Systems - a unit of LexisNexis - has been quietly building out a big data processing platform for several years, using it internally to power several of its parent's services and applications. Now, it's open sourcing the not-map reduce platform, and selling a commercial version to third parties. We got the detail from Dr. Flavio Villanustre, vice president of infrastructure and products, at the company.

Combining its server, storage and networking hardware with open source and partner software, and professional services, Dell is shaping up to be an IT heavyweight in the big data space.