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Futures commission merchant Kyte Group has become the first ITRS Geneos user to move into production with the company’s Feed Latency Monitor, an addition to the Geneos real-time monitoring and performance management solution that can measure latency across a number of exchange feeds and alert users to delays or gaps in the feeds.

Corvil, a provider of latency management systems for high performance trading and market data, today announced that SIX Swiss Exchange, one of the world’s leading and most technologically advanced securities exchanges, is using Corvil’s Latency Management System for full latency monitoring of service provider performance, client order flow and analysis of market data quality.

Spread Networks, LLC, a privately owned telecommunications provider, today announced that it has improved the latency of its low latency Ethernet wave service between Chicago, IL and all endpoints in New Jersey. The current SLA clocks at 15.75 milliseconds roundtrip, but Spread Networks is lowering the SLA to 14.75 milliseconds, with measured performance of 14.6 milliseconds.

cPacket Networks has announced today it is placing in the public domain a new solution for accurate timestamping of high speed network traffic in real-time. This means that performance “hiccups” -- such as microbursts of latency or jitter -- can be identified immediately, and addressed before negatively impacting system performance. By placing this software solution in the public domain, cPacket is enabling data center operations, high frequency trading platforms, and application developers to benefit from real-time accurate timestamping in high speed networks, at no cost.

QuantHouse, the leading independent provider of end-to-end systematic trading solutions, announced today the extension of its QuantLINK proprietary fiber optic network into the Nasdaq OMX Nordic Exchange datacenter in Sweden.

By Peter Duffy, CTO, Sumerian

Peter DuffyLatency, n. The delay between the receipt of a stimulus and the response to it.

~The New Oxford American Dictionary

The dictionary’s definition of latency is fairly straightforward, but its generality highlights some of the challenges in defining latency within trading systems: what stimuli and responses are we talking about? The reality is that any trading system is composed of multiple components, and each of those components receives stimuli (input data) and produces responses (output data). In order to better understand the holistic latency that runs through all of these systems, it is useful to identify the different categories of latency that exist and discuss the potential solutions that are available for each of them.

Categorisations are always difficult and potentially subjective, but in my mind there are four distinct areas that need to be considered when thinking about latency in trading applications, and each of them has a number of different ways of contributing to holistic latency.

FiberMedia, a leading New Jersey and New York data center operator announces the unveiling of two state-of-the-art data center facilities; Secaucus, NJ and Chappaqua, NY. The significant enhancements to these facilities bring FiberMedia’s total data center footprint in the New York Metro area to over 130,000 square feet across five strategically placed facilities.

Corvil, a provider of latency management systems for high performance trading and market data, today announced that Singapore Exchange (SGX) has selected Corvil’s Latency Management System to monitor and assure the latency performance of their new generation trading system, Reach. The Corvil solution will also be deployed within SGX’s colocation infrastructure to manage latency between SGX members and the Reach trading platform.

This month’s bulletin from the Financial Information Forum (FIF) finds that Direct Edge EDGA hit a second consecutive record peak, up 14% to a record 74,468 mps over the 1 second interval.