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ADVA Optical Networking today announced that its solution has been selected by CFN Services to provide the industry-leading latency from Washington, D.C., to the New York/New Jersey trading venues. The availability of this route provides trading firms a competitive advantage for those who utilize data sourced from Washington, D.C. Leveraging ADVA Optical Networking’s FSP 3000, the industry’s lowest-latency transmission solution, the CFN optical-fiber network will provide the N.Y./N.J. financial community the fastest available access—3.7 milliseconds RTD—to the Washington, D.C., information sources.

Mellanox Whitepaper 04 11 This white paper was written by Informatica, HP, and Mellanox Technologies.

The securities trading market is experiencing rapid growth in volume and complexity with a greater reliance on trading software, which is supported by sophisticated algorithms. As this market grows, so do the trading volumes, bringing existing IT infrastructure systems to their limits.

Exegy Incorporated, the ultra-high performance market data appliance company, today announced that the Exegy Ticker Plant has added built-in market data feed handlers to process data from Turquoise, providing Exegy clients the ability to access the alternative trading system’s trading data using Exegy’s hardware-accelerated market data appliance.

NovaSparks’ second generation field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology adds hosting support for algos and promises level one market data processing at sub-microsecond speeds and level two processing at no more than 1.5 microseconds, knocking over 100 microseconds off market data processing handled by typical software solutions.

Thomson Reuters today announced that it has extended its relationship with Corvil, a provider of latency management systems for high performance trading and market data, to deliver end-to-end latency monitoring and reporting for Elektron Hosting. This new capability will provide transparency to customers who host applications and connect to market data within this managed service environment, ensuring that their infrastructure is optimized for minimal latency, maximum throughput and reliability.

IPC Systems, Inc., a leading provider of voice and electronic trading communications solutions to the world’s top financial services firms and global enterprises, today announced the latest stage of its European network upgrade. The new optimisation programme provides significant increases in network performance and capacity, connecting key trading venues in Frankfurt, Paris and London, and reducing latencies to liquidity venues in the New York Metropolitan Area, Chicago and Toronto.

NYSE Technologies, the commercial technology division of NYSE Euronext, today announced the launch of two new Liquidity Centers in Chicago, IL and Toronto, ON Canada. Joining NYSE Euronext’s primary Liquidity Centers in Mahwah, NJ and Basildon, London, these new facilities link to a broader network of installations that will feature a range of NYSE Technologies products and services tailored to facilitate simplified, high-performance access to markets, market information and other trading infrastructure services.

Colt, Europe’s leading information delivery platform, today announced that it has been selected to build and manage a hosted application infrastructure for Source, a specialist provider of exchange traded products (ETPs).

NovaSparks, specialists in ultra-low latency solutions today introduced the NovaSparks Gen2 appliance. This new development, available from June 2011, offers even faster processing and delivers guaranteed sub-microsecond speed through its appliance measured on an end-to-end basis. The NovaSparks Gen2 solution offers highly parallelised processing paths within the appliance and guarantees deterministic latency for users irrespective of volume and number of markets being processed.