Top 10 Best Stock Market and Finance Movies

Best Stock Market and Finance Movies

There have been amazing things happening around the trading field. The drama is exciting with some of it being incorporated in stock market movies and finance movies. The ideas in these movies vary, and you will enjoy spending your time on them. Whether it is on trading technology, frauds, new companies joining, making extraordinary money or volatility of the market, there is something good to watch.

A dozen films in the finance and stock market have worn awards. This means they are well-staged and directed. Although not many movies fall in this category, especially when you compare with the action, Sci-Fi, thrillers and comedy movies, those already available are the real deal.

Best Stock Market and Finance Movies

The Wall Street

In this movie, Charlie Sheen, an efficient stockbroker, engages in corporate raiding moments after being lured by Michael Douglas, his mentor. This happens because he providers the most crucial inside information. The act sees a father to the stockbroker; Martin Sheen fail to make an honest living. It is an award-winning movie that showcases the unfortunates in trading.

The Big Short

The film focuses on the financial crisis that occurred in 2008. Its storyline is based on a group of investors that identified a profiting chance in the real estate and ended up utilizing it maximally. If you have read the book “The Big Short,” then everything in there is all that the movie involves. Michael Lewis, a financial journalist, authored the book.

The Wolf of Wall Street

This is one movie that is worth watching. It features Jordan Belfort and other casts. Jordan, a stockbroker, makes a living through defrauding investors that he comes along with. He sells stocks with promises of making great profits only for investors to discover later that they are not worth it. In the movie, the FBI and SEC spend a considerate time pursing him.

Boiler Room

The movie features Giovanni Ribisi, young Vin Diesel, among others. Giovanni is a college dropout and a stockbroker. He involves a lot of fraud in selling stocks and works for a company that lacks a portfolio. The Boiler Room as the title of this movie, means a brokerage firm ‘Room’ that sells penny stocks that are highly questionable ‘Boiler.’


The movie exhibits the challenges that occur in investment banking. Among them is fraud. It portrays a major character Naomi Bishop as a fraud. Naomi, who has established her career in banking works for a tech venture where she is obliged in several activities. Issues start showing up when his boyfriend introduces her to a fraud trading scheme.

Barbarians at the Gate

Although the movie does not feature the actual barbarians, it is a real narration you need to watch. The storyline is about Ross Johnson, the CEO of Nabisco company. In the movie, James Garner portrays his character. Johnson tries to acquire Nabisco and take the overall control and become rich, a move that leaves the employees in danger.

Margin Call

The film showcases the moments of the 2008 financial crisis. It involves key players who are going into bankruptcy because of the mortgage securities. They are then prompted to think of ways to they can mitigate the losses. Various things occur that make the movie exciting. Check it out and enjoy the events.

Rogue Trader

The movie is a true story of a broker, Nick Leeson. The actor Ewan McGregor portrays his character. Nick is said to have bankrupted the Barings Bank that had operated for 233 years in England. The movies showcase false trading and accounting and later imprisonment. Thus the name Rogue Trader.

Other People’s Money

The movie features Larry, who acts as a company liquidator. He later turns out to be a raider and uses a hostile takeover to have the company control. In the movie, interesting events unfold and cases of fraud seem intense. Larry uses other people’s money for beneficial reasons.

Too Big to Fail

It is also based on the 2008 financial crisis. The film shows how the events of bailing out an investment bank turned out, the fall of the competitor, and the effect of mortgage securities. The mortgage led to an extensive crisis. Also, the movie showcases the role of the U.S. Federal Reserve in financial markets.

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