Best Tools to Boost Your Stock Market Game

Best Tools to Boost Your Stock Market

Effective stock trading requires you to have adequate knowledge of technical analysis. If you are a stock trader, a beginner or a guru, you have to invest your time in understanding the right stock chart programs that are profiting. The programs give you varying charts on stock price movements. From the charts, you can make a good analysis and initiate a money move. In this article, you will learn about the best tools to boost your stock market game.

Before then, let us focus on what you need to look at the moment you decide to choose a stock trading software. Among the considerations include the following.

  • Check at the efficiency of the user interface. A clean program, unlike messy ones, makes it easy to navigate and use the site.
  • Note the features and preferences included, and whether they fit your purpose. Many tools have varying features.
  • Consider the money you want to spend on the programs. Although you are free to choose the free stock trading software, paid options depend on your budget.

Now that you know what to check let us focus on the main tools that allow you to trade profitably. Although every stock market tool comes with some limitations, they are quite beneficial and worth investing in. Continue reading to comprehend more.


TradingView consists of day traders, making it the best option for you. In this platform, you can generate charts from 1 to 15 minutes of time frames. Besides, it allows easy communication and at the same time allowing you to activate alerts. If you need a free stock charting software that makes comparison easy through multiple charts on the same page, then this is the option for you.

Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance is a simple site with a lot of applicable features. The aesthetics on the site attracts you once you login to the platform. This makes it an ideal option for every trader. Other advantages with Yahoo! Finance that enables you to boost your stock market goals include ease of comparing charts and ability to use to view stock movements for five years.

Google Finance

Google never frustrates. It’s stock market chart software program is among the best out there. If you have to compare Google with the majority of other programs, then you will know what makes it stand out. The interface, chart comparison, and ease of use top the list of its advantages. If you are conversant with Google suite of tools, go ahead and sign up in Google Finance.

BigCharts is a program that has been there for many years, and it has a lot of historical trading information. Based on the fact that many people have used it and benefited immensely, then it is a choice worth considering. With this platform, you are free to use varying chart types and technical indicators. Besides, it is easy to use interface allows the intraday charts making it possible to monitor price movements.

FreeStockCharts has unique features worth noting before you choose the program. In the case of a few minutes’ data, it comes from a particular source, and it might not represent all the exchange data. Another feature is the weekly, monthly, and annual intraday charts. Also, filtering data is easy, and it makes it easy to deal with only what you are interested in. makes it possible for you to create candlesticks and bar & line charts. You will love the experience that comes along with a trading tool, especially if you have an upgraded version. Though some traders have reported issues due to the inability to use intraday charts and plain aesthetics, others with a paid version, which has many features have recommended it as a good choice.


All the above stock chart programs are available in advanced options when you subscribe to the paid version. The first move to becoming a trader is investing your time to understand the functionality of the charts. If you already know how to use charts, focus on the volume, patterns, and price movement to know the next move.

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