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Occupy Latency?

Well it's Friday, hence the wacky headline. The exact goals of the Occupy Movement might be hard for many to fathom, but their slogan "We are the 99%" has stuck in many people's minds. That includes mine as I was completing a white paper for CFN Services on the benefits of leveraging managed infrastructure for low-latency trading.

What's becoming clear in that world is that it's a two tier market. Some firms will continue to spend just about anything to be the fastest, which these days means shaving single microseconds, even nanoseconds, off the latency of trading systems. But to many, many other firms, while low latency matters a lot, it does not to such an extreme degree, and other factors - like system agility, time to market, cost of operation - are just as important. So we have the 1% and the 99%, or at least a similar model.

While the 1% will continue to be cool and sexy - think co-lo, FPGAs, IPC, in-memory, over-clocking, and all those buzzwords - it's the efforts of the 99% that will account for much of the focus and spend on low-latency technologies. And I expect managed services to be an increasingly important delivery channel for those technologies.

Check out the white paper here.


Hi Brennan ... yep, I agree with you.  But baby steps ... the world is only now coming to terms that latency does not always mean micro and nanoseconds.  It's a real education - especially for vendors out there looking for a business case.

So I began in that - rather opportunistic - blog post with the 1/99 concept, but really even at a very simple (non subtle) level, it's more like 1/5/24/50, or some other segmentation.  It will be interesting to see how the market pans out in 2012.

Here's a white paper I wrote for CFN Services that covers this topic a bit more, and suggests managed services as one technology response.


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