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Low Latency Blogs

Joanne Kinsella

The financial industry has long relied on exchanges to provide a stable infrastructure for financial markets. As self regulatory organizations (SROs), exchanges have been guided by regulations intended to protect their members and serve as the foundation of trading infrastructure. Not a small task. Yet, despite the great responsibility, over the years, exchanges have evolved to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by new financial products, faster trading technologies, and a growing list of compliance requirements.

Pete Harris

STAC has for the first time published results for its STAC-A2 options risk analytics benchmarks running on Nvidia graphics processing units (GPUs) that point to a near order of magnitude speed up compared to traditional x86 CPUs.

Pete Harris

Trading system vendor Mantara has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and will see its technology pass to Deutsche Bank, one of its customers. A request to the company's CEO Michael Chin for further information was not responded to, but it is thought that the company has essentially ceased operations.

A-Team Staff

Caplin Systems’ launch today of Caplin Direct, a hosted, managed single-dealer platform for banks in the FX market, aims to make state-of-the-art SDP capabilities to financial institutions that may not have the budget or technical resources to implement a deployed solution.

Sarah Underwood

OptionsCity Software is offering multi-asset derivatives traders a consolidated solution for algorithmic strategy building, testing and execution through the integration of its recently released Freeway Analytics with its existing Freeway automated trading technology. The analytics solution initially uses historical futures market data from Vertex Analytics and allows traders to focus on developing trading strategies rather than integrating large volumes of data.

Sarah Underwood

Vulpes Investment Management is revamping its technology infrastructure as it moves out of volatility trading and into systematic trading. The revamp includes implementation of OneMarketData’s OneTick stream processing and tick data management solution for quantitative research, modelling and strategy development, as well as a Tora electronic trading platform and portfolio management system, Redis in-memory database technology and use of the Python programming language.

Pete Harris

See the video below on how in-memory technology from ScaleOut Software can boost MapReduce 40x for financial applications, such as real-time risk analytics.


Infront, the leading provider of real-time market data, news and analytics, is offering a free trial of its latest Infront market data and trading platform to current clients of Thomson Reuters’ 3000 Xtra premium desktop service, which is being withdrawn from the market on December 31, 2013.

Sarah Underwood

The real-time operational risk and compliance monitoring solution for electronic trading that was recently released by Corvil builds on the company’s original network monitoring platform, providing visibility into a taller technology stack and allowing users to see the status not only of IT systems, but also the business that resides on them.