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Low Latency Blogs

Intel has introduced its own distribution of Hadoop, incorporating enterprise level features for security, performance and management. The IT giant has also announced a number of partners for its offering, which it will sell on a subscription basis, ranging from the likes of Cisco Systems and Dell, to MarkLogic, SAP and Teradata.

Pete Harris

Anova Technologies has teamed with AOptix to roll out low-latency networks based on an integrated combination of laser-through-air and millimetre wave technologies. The combination provides the low latency benefits of emerging wireless networks, with the reliability of fibre optic communications, making it attractive to algorithmic and high frequency trading operations.

Pete Harris

Perseus Telecom has announced that it has been in live operation since last October with a London to Frankfurt microwave service linking key marketplaces in each financial centre. The announcement comes as rival Colt Technology Services confirmed to that its microwave service - based on a network built by Custom Connect MW - is undergoing final tests, but is yet to go live.

Continuing to work with application monitoring solutions, case-based reasoning specialist Verdande Technologies has forged a partnership with ITRS Group in order to create an "early warning system for potential trading outages, system failures or other latency-impacting events."

Hardware acceleration means more than FPGAs. Network packet processors are also being adopted in the financial markets to boost the performance of trading applications. talked to Vibhoosh Gupta, business leader at GE Intelligent Platforms, to find out more.

NYSE Technologies has teamed with Chicago's Social Market Analytics (SMA) to distribute the latter's sentiment statistics, derived from social media, via its SFTI Network and its SuperFeed consolidated data feed.

Robin Manicom

Liquidity is King

Liquidity is a vital, if nebulous,  conundrum. For a securities exchange, it is of the essence. Traders love it. Corporate issuers consider it crucial when choosing where to list. Yet at times it can depend on nothing more substantial than market sentiment. It is proverbially ‘sticky’ - liquidity attracts liquidity, yet it can ‘dry up’ without warning. There when you don’t need it, liquidity is often missing when you do.

Pete Harris

Australian financial trading technology vendor Zeptonics has been directed by the Federal Court of Australia to assign the ownership of certain of its products - including its ZeptoLink fanout device and ZeptoMatch matching engine - to proprietary trading firm Zomojo, which claimed ownership of them. It is considering appealing the decision, but for now it cannot sell them or support any companies using or evaluating them.

When discussing big data, the point is often made that deriving value from the data, through analytics, is where the real business win is. Panopticon Software has been in the analysis business - specifically data visualisation - since before big data was a common term. So we found out more about the company, and how it is involved in the capital markets, from its managing director, Willem De Geer.