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About Us is the premier online community offering continuous news, expert analysis, in-depth research and compelling thought leadership focused on the technology convergence - low-latency execution and predictive analytics - underpinning tomorrow's automated trading strategies.

As the low-latency race to zero concludes, trading firms are looking beyond speed alone to boost their trading effectiveness and profitability. Leveraging big data sets to fuel high performance pre-trade analytics and trade-time risk management is key to this emerging "Intelligent Trading" approach.

Thus, the winners at Intelligent Trading will be those firms that make the most inspired choices in combining low latency, big data and analytics technologies. tracks those technologies, and how the winners are deploying them.

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Content on is categorised for ready access and analysis. The following categories currently exist:

Analytics, Stream Processing and Tick Data - Complex Event Processing, storage of tick data, and analytics (including Big Data approaches)
Benchmarks and Performance - Hard facts on latency, throughput, jitter, performance, etc.
Big Data Technologies and Performance - Traditional Big Data technologies, such as Hadoop, MPP databases and NoSQL, with a focus on improving their performance for automated trading.
Connectivity, Co-Lo, Proximity and Managed Hosting - Wide area wired and wireless networks, co-location and proximity offerings and managed services/hosting.
Execution Venues - Facilities where orders are executed, across all asset classes.
FPGAs and Hardware Acceleration - Field Programmable Gate Array, GPUs and related, technologies, including accelerated/over-clocked x86 servers.
Messaging, In-Memory, Data Fabrics and Local Networking - Messaging and in-memory middleware to transport data between applications, and underlying local area network technologies.
Operational Performance Management/Analytics, Latency Management, Time Synchronisation - Operational management and analytics, latency monitoring and measurements, and related time synchro.
People Moves - Human interest, hires, fires.
Price and News Feeds, Social Media and Handlers - Data and news services, sentiment and other analytics, social media sources and the software the processes them.
Servers, Storage, Systems Software and Cloud - The technology stack that underpins trading applications.
Trade Execution and Realtime Risk - Algorithmic, analytics-drive and HF trading, order and execution management and routing applications and FIX gateways and networks. Also trade-time risk controls and TCA.
Voice Communication and Electronic Collaboration - Voice systems (including recording) and email/instant messaging/chat room communications. is a service of A-Team Group, a global news, research and events company focused on the deployment of IT in the financial markets.

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