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The Low-Latency Summit 2013 - NYC (Spring)

Event Dates: May 1, 2013 (All day)

The Low-Latency Summit returns to New York City in the late Spring, with a theme of "Technology Convergence for Intelligent Trading".

Convergence of what? We believe that Low-Latency, Cloud and Big Data technologies are increasingly working together to underpin automated trading, and to enable Intelligent Trading.

What is Intelligent Trading? Trading strategies that do not rely solely on speed or frequency of executions to return a profit. It will be important to make the right trades, in the right markets, in a cost-effective manner, in order to separate the winners from the also rans. Converging Low-Latency, Cloud and Big Data technologies will enable the infrastructure platform for these strategies.

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Expert Speaker Faculty

Pete Harris

Spencer Greene
TIBCO Software

John Page
TIBCO Software

Bill McLane
TIBCO Software

Bert Shen

Gil Tene
Azul Systems

Henry Young

Davor Frank
Solarflare Communications

Shawn Kaplan

Andrew Kusminsky
Perseus Telecom

Jay Lawrence
NeXXCom Wireless

Wally Pereira
Intel's Data Center, Storage, and Connected Systems Group (DCSG)

Fintan Quill
Kx Systems

Mark Skalabrin
Redline Trading Solutions

Marty Snyder
Communications Infrastructure Corp.

Andrew Brook

Robert Hormuth

Kelly Masood

Ramakrishna Karedla

David O'Shea

Nick Finamore

Mike Schonberg
Quincy Data


Registration Enquiries, email Ron Wilbraham.

Sponsor/Exhibitor Logistics Enquiries, email Jeri-Anne McKeon.