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Software code that is inserted into an application for the purpose of obtaining a timestamp and making it available to latency-...



An unwelcome phenomenon with long-distance fibre-optic cable, which leads to interference between data channels, and so can...
The siting of servers running trading systems applications in the same data centre as a market centre’s matching engine,...
A data feed that comprises information from multiple sources - exchanges, banks and brokers - normalised into a common format...


A data feed that is delivered direct from a source - such as an exchange - to a recipient, in order to reduce latency.
Automatic routing of an order via a broker to the execution venue, without human sales trader intervention. This allows brokers...



A Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is an integrated circuit logic chip which can be programmed, and reprogrammed, to...



A type of algorithmic trading, where many buy/sell orders are executed for a given security at very high rates in order to take...


The combination of different software components within the same application process (as defined by an operating system), which...
A local area network technology, which is generally considered to offer performance improvements compared to Ethernet, but...
A programming interface that allows data to pass from one process to another, where those processes are generally running on...