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Leveraging Open-Source Market Data Distribution for Innovation

Global spend on market data runs into tens of billions of dollars a year, yet despite this considerable cost to financial services firms, progress historically has been surprisingly slow to reduce...
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White Paper: Only Reason for Time

According to Albert Einstein “…is so that everything doesn’t happen at once”. Consider yourself in the shoes of a timekeeper of athletic events. The stakes are high, consequently the choice of tools...
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How to Create an Agile Trading System

High speed, low latency trading connectivity is no longer enough to differentiate you from your competitors - so how do you add value to your trading systems?
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An Architecture For Intelligent Trading - Leveraging Big Data in Motion for Increased Profits

Trading firms are moving on from an obsessive focus on latency reduction to a ‘new normal’ of applying intelligence to high performance trading, to ensure that they are executing the best – most...
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Dell Processor Acceleration Technology Industry Briefing

In the world of the financial markets, securing an edge over the competition can mean life or death for a trading firm. Whether it is acting on news alerts or price movements, determining the best...
Special Report

Viewpoints on Latency - Thought Leadership at The Cutting Edge of Electronic Trading - November 2012

Viewpoints on Latency is a regular collection of news, thought leadership and opinion from the community.
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Lightweight Internet Protocol Stack

Free white paper, authored by GE Intelligent Platforms IP traffic is increasing globally at a breath-taking place. In order to support the demand of high performance IP packet processing particularly...
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Delivering Sub-Microsecond Accurate Time to Linux Applications Around the World

Free white paper, authored by Symmetricom Trading applications at market participants require access to precise timing information - the same precise timing information - in order to transact...
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Mission Possible: Turning Data Deluge into Opportunities for Financial Trading

In the financial trading markets, the race to zero is on, with participants including competing marketplaces, algorithmic trading operations, high frequency trading firms, market data aggregators and...
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High-Performance Trading Infrastructure on Demand

Financial markets firms can no longer spend what it takes to compete in the “low latency arms race.” The new reality demands high performance to be competitive with peers, but with an emphasis on...