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Activ Financial Introduces Hardware Accelerated Feed Engine

Activ Financial has ActivFeed MPU (Market Data Processing Unit), a hardware accelerated solution for low-latency exchange feed processing. The new offering leverages AMD64 and Field Processor Gate...
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Stac Benchmarks Wombat/Cisco InfiniBand v Gigabit Ethernet

Stac has released a study of Wombat on Cisco SFS InfiniBand compared to Gigabit Ethernet. The system used Wombat's standard transport benchmark (Wommark) over Wombat MiddleWare. The setup used Tyan...
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Cisco Systems to Acquire Reactivity

Cisco has agreed to acquire privately-held Reactivity, a provider of XML acceleration and security appliances.
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Low Latency Crowd Braces For Hardware Acceleration

The era of software-based market data systems running on generic server and desktop hardware is now well through its second decade. The lifeblood of any large trading floor flows through the veins of...
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FPL Releases Fast 1.1; Opra is Early Adopter

From A-Team Group’s Market Data Insight, January 2007: FIX Protocol Ltd (FPL) has released version 1.1 of its FIX Adapted for Streaming (Fast) Protocol data compaction methodology. FPL calls the...