Stock Market Games for Kids

Stock Market Games for Kids

Are you one of those parents that have become successful in investing in the stock market? Or you are one of those who wanted to invest in the stock market but could not do so because of fear. But even so, you wanted your child to overcome this kind of fear. Well, there is only one solution for that, since children love to play games, you should give then a game that will also let learn to invest in the stock market, and how to do this is to find a stock market simulator.

Below are the best stock market simulator available on the internet right now:

The Stock Market Game

Image source: The Stock Market Game

This is one of the best simulation games available right now, because of its users’ support and its educational value. Their educational program is also supported by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) Foundation. As for the game itself, players tend to compete as individuals or as a team composed of 2-5 people. Players also will have access to several lessons provided by teachers which will guide the player’s throughout their journey to become successful investors in the game, possibly in reality.


Image source: Stockpile

This is not a simulation game, but rather a true buy and selling of stocks, but because of their services and very low cost, they could be used by kids who already have an idea about stock trading, imagine, you could buy an amazon stock for just $50 and they do not have a monthly fees or minimums. Their app is amazing for kids since they also keep their graphics at levels that children could understand.

Wall Street Survivor

Image source: Wall Street Survivor

Well, this is a stock market simulation game with a twist, because when your child plays with this game, they will have a chance to win real money, if your child becomes successful in playing with it. The game also helps your children to learn a few tricks in playing the game, they will provide videos and different resources to play successfully.


Image source: BusyKid

How do you put your kids into investing? First, let them know how to save first, this app will help them do that. Parents also can set their kids’ chores with necessary cash rewards, example the parents will set up a task in the chores board and if they did it, they will have a cash reward after doing it. After saving from their rewards or allowances that they save, they can later invest them in the stocks that they love. Though this is no longer a game, it will help your kids develop the necessary character to become a good trader.

Build Your Stax

Image source: Build Your Stax

The game mechanics will let your children grow their investment for twenty long years and your children will be competing mostly with the computer unless they have a buddy to compete with. The game also uses real-life historical data when playing, especially with stock prices. Most of the time, your children will enjoy playing the game especially when they saw those profit as they soar high, but when the prices go down, you will also see their faces frowning. But overall, the game itself is very enjoyable you will enjoy it playing also, and you can compete with your children if you like to see who is better at investing.


Image source: GiveAshare

This one is not a game or anything, but rather this site will let you give your child a 1 share of stock, even its only one stock. It is really pretty nice when you see those framed pictures of your kids with the stocks that you give to them. With this thing, your children will know what a stock is and they might be curious about it. It is also a nice introduction of what is a stock to them if you want them to invest in the financial market in the future.


Image source: SmartStocks

If your children are old enough and you want them to be more serious on stock trading, this is the best platform for them, this is a more serious type of platform which is more like the true platform used on stock trading. With real-time and with the same prices on the stock market. If they become successful in this platform, it is more likely that they will become successful in real-life trading. When managing a portfolio in this game, you can collaborate with your children, and see what they do on their investments.

Final Words

The list of games above will surely help your children understand what stock market trading is. These games will surely help them to become a successful investor later as they grow older. I hope you find what is a good game is for your children and help them to be successful in trading someday.

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