The 7 Best Forex Signals of 2020

Best Forex Signals

The secret behind any success is a well-crafted game plan. If you have been in Forex trading, you probably know that the kind of Forex signals that you choose has a significant impact on your success. Using a Forex signal eliminates gut feeling trading, which can get you into terrible losses if you are not careful enough. Without further ado, here are the seven best forex signals of 2020.

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Clients using this signal have the opportunity of using trading signals which they can use to enter and exit trades. It has a brokers’ auto chart list tool that automatically scans forex markets and highlights which opportunities are usable as trading signals. It also identifies chart patterns in your preferred market and forecasts what would happen next based on the analysis and interpretation of trends.

There are also free recognia technical analysis portal and propose alternatives if there are changes in the market and display trading opportunities most straightforwardly.


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This low-cost signal provider is the best forex signal for traders who prefer using the Meta Trader 4 or 5 platforms. It offers a large number of signal providers who trade individually and can allow you to copy in real-time using your trading platform automatically. Their trading signals are determined by evaluating their return on investment (ROI) over a specific timeline, their maximum drawdown, and the number of trades they have done over a particular period. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the trader you intend to follow.


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With thirteen years of trading experience, Joel Kruger would undoubtedly have a lot of input in Forex trading. His platform offers an in-depth-analysis of the market and gives direct insight into successful trading methods. Joel will give your promises of huge monthly returns or landslides pips, but he will provide you with a trade journal showing both low and high performance, proving that he is transparent on his services.

Forex Signal Factory

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It might seem unbelievable that a trading entity such as this is not focused on making any profit and has not gained popularity as expected. However, it is real, and traders have ended up benefiting a lot from it. Based on the number of followers that this forex signal platform has gained over the past years, it is undoubtedly an excellent choice for anyone who wants to starts trading but does not feel like spending any money.

FX Leaders

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This popular signal provider offers trade alerts through platforms such as email, sounds, and mobile. Users start by getting free signals; then, they are charged monthly to get premium access. Their trading strategy is an indicator based on other subcategories that give you the confidence to rely on them. Reports are provided every six months, showing the number of signals and monthly gains or losses in pips.

Daily Forex

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If you are a Forex beginner, then trying Daily Forex would not be a bit of a challenge. With a monthly visitor record of more than half a million, you will be guaranteed of Forex signals from major currency pairs and Bitcoins. There is a dedicated page in their site that shows risk evaluation percentage, the period for optimum trading, and signals with directions to buy or sell at given price levels.

Forex GDP

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This low-cost platform gives customers a free subscription plan that includes four signals every month. The free signals consist of entry and exit levels, which users can receive through WhatsApp. Beginners can start with free signal service with two to four trade ideas and target 90 to 150 pips every month for the time being. If you want a higher profit, you have to subscribe to the paid plans if you find it suiting. A premium subscription gives a target of 300 to 700 pips every month, which specific entry and exit email support and six trade ideas at your disposal.

Final Words

Using a signal provider can go a long way into impacting your profits, hence the need to be careful with your choices. Subscribing to any of the paid platforms can be costly hence the need to start with their free subscription offers and check whether it suits you best. Also, please keep track of the reviews given by other traders to consider whether it is still reliable. All the best, as you look forward to achieving greatness in Forex.

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